Why Not Both… And Then Some? – Jason Debono’s Ludicrous Trio

“You always want what you can’t have.” It’s a painful truth, isn’t it? It’s a sentiment we’re likely all familiar with, even if the outcome of it yields something unique for each of us. For me, it’s all about cars… no surprise there. There are simply too many machines I wish to own, and without lottery winnings or a windfall cash settlement from a semi truck accident, chances are, I’ll never get a chance to own most of them. Classic car prices continue to climb, and as Gen Xers reach their stride, the cars from their childhoods and younger years fetch higher prices than ever before. For me, the concept of owning, an Escort RS Cosworth, a Delta Integrale Evo 2, or even just a pristine E30 M3, seems fleeting at best without liquidating most everything else. For Jason Debono, though, it’s very much a reality. In fact, he owns all three.

Jason Debono made waves last year at H2Oi when he arrived with not one, not two… not even three cars, but a whole fleet. Along with a MK2 GTi and a Fiat Uno Turbo, it was ’80s powerhouse trifecta: the M3, the Delta Evo 2, and the RS Cossie that stole the show. With the entire convoy posted up and on display, it was not only a sight to be seen, but for many of us, an immeasurable source of envy.

The E30 M3 comes as one might expect: gorgeous in every regard, and thanks to Jason, it lays low atop a set of fully polished BBS RS wheels. Beginning with the M3, air ride plays a common role in Jason’s builds: he wants everything sitting on or as close to the earth as possible. Lachsilber paint plays well against smoked Hella headlights and a blacked out nose and indicators, making for an entirely monochromatic build.

Next to the M3 sits a stunning Escort RS Cosworth, a variant of the 5th-generation Ford Escort built to meet homologation rules set forth by the WRC. Designed to race in Group A rally, the RS Cosworth sports a turbocharged 2-liter pumping out 224 horsepower. The most unmistakable feature, an enormous “whale tail” rear spoiler, set it apart from all of its Escort brethren. Hammered atop a set of BBS E87s, Debono’s example leaves nothing to be desired.

Saving the best for last is the Lancia Delta Evo 2, one of the coolest pieces of 1990s Italian hardware, and an undoubted automotive icon alongside cars like the Ford RS200 and the Mercedes 190 Evo 2. The Delta Evo 2 is born from a comparatively lame predecessor, the base model Delta. Thanks to homologation requirements once again, the public was eventually blessed with variants like the HF (High Fidelity), the HF Turbo, the HF 4WD, the Integrale, and onto the Evoluzione models. The Evo 2 is the final variant of the Delta, which pumped out 212 horsepower and was blessed with a slew of special components and systems. It’s huge boxed fenders, vented hood, and rear roof spoiler are unmistakable, and by comparison, leave the E30 M3 feeling tame. Once more, atop a set of BBS splits, Debono’s version is eye candy in every regard.

While any of these machines would undoubtedly stop an enthusiast in their tracks, it’s the legendary grouping that can take one’s breath away. To know one man opens his garage and sees them all at once? Well, to reiterate: we always want what we can’t have.


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