The 77th Goodwood Members’ Meeting – Part I – by Peter Aylward

“Good things come to those who wait,” or so they say at least. It piggy-backs on the sentiment of “patience is a virtue,” and while both seem nonsensical when in the throes of restlessness, it does ring true on at least some occasions. Peter Aylward returns once again, this time with imagery from the 77th Goodwood Members’ Meeting, an event hosted exclusively for members of the Goodwood Road Racing Club and its fellowship. As the Goodwood Estate states: “the Members’ Meeting is an epic sell-out weekend of motor racing and high-speed track demonstrations, featuring all kinds of cars from classic tin-tops and GTs, to motorcycles and open wheeled Formula 3 and Formula 1 machines.” Thankfully, for most of us unable to attend, the astoundingly talented Mr. Aylward has delivered a stunning set of images for us to enjoy. Here’s Part I of II, and for more of Aylward’s work, be sure to follow him on Instagram at @peteraylward and check out his website:


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