Luftgekühlt 6 – by Mike Amezcua – Shift Pattern

In its 6th year, Luftgekühlt, the premier all-aircooled Porsche event, has somehow raised the bar once more. With an incredible catalog of Porsches in store for an absolutely massive audience of show-goers, attendees were presented with cars set amongst Universal Studios’ “New York Backlot:” a true-to-life movie set and stage that has presented the Luft crew the opportunity to take over what may as well be Downtown Manhattan. With 917s parked under cinema marquees, and rally cars on the steps of city hall, the Luftgekühlt team has once again redefined what a car show can and should be: more than just a spectacle of cars, but an experience to remember and impossible to forget. Our friend Mike Amezcua of Shift Pattern attended with his camera in hand. With unmatched excitement, he captured the moments that help to define exactly why Luft 6 has enthusiasts flying in to Southern California, not only from the United States, but throughout the world as a whole. The event was picturesque in its entirety, from the hundreds of cars to the thousands of show goers, with no doubts that Luft 7 has a serious bar to raise. In any event, we’re confident, and eagerly awaiting May 2020.


Edafe’s Z in Effect.

With the recent release of our Zero Clearance Coilovers for the 350Z/G35, we couldn’t be more excited to post AWOL’s latest piece. Once again, Edafe’s

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