The Combo – Alex Steff’s BMW E9 3.0

I hate to sound formulaic. After all, I firmly believe in celebrating automotive creativity and diversity, and I try to embrace that ideology in every build of my own as I travel across the automotive spectrum with each successive build. With that said, there’s no denying what works: The Combo.

After 10 years of car features, one thing is certain: black paint and beautiful wheels, paired together with any classic BMW and a low-slung stance are surefire winners on the StanceWorks homepage. Of the top twenty most successful features in the last decade of curating content, more than half execute “The Combo” with finesse, and Alex Steff’s E9 3.0 is no different.

Sitting atop a gorgeous set of 18″ RSs, wearing silver paint, polished lips, and custom waffles, Alex’s E9 lines up for the combo perfectly. The E9 hunkers down over the large wheels with style, leaving just enough gap for comfortable driving and commuting.

It’s hard to argue that there’s any better color for the E9 than black, too. With its chrome brightwork like bumpers, belt trim, window trim, and grilles, the contrast plays with Alex’s choice of wheels impeccably.

Furthering the contrast is a beautiful red interior, complete with matching rear buckets. A vintage, era-correct Playboy magazine sits on the rear parcel shelf for a bit of added character and humor, reminding passersby not to take the E9 too seriously. After all, with the increasing value of these classic coupes, plenty are sure to be upset by Alex’s admittedly modest choice in modifications.

Alex’s “big coupe” is simple but clean, and reminds us not only why the E9 is one of the most beautiful BMWs ever made, but why the “the combo” is as great as it is. Cheers.


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