Snapper Rocks Blue – IND’s F90 M5

With the latest M car comes IND’s latest build. When the F90 M5 arrived earlier this year, it was no surprise to hear that IND put one on order, and in typical fashion, ordered one in a not-so-subtle color. This example, finished in Snapper Rocks Blue Metallic, undoubtedly stands out from the crowd as one of BMW’s latest thrilling hues. Finding its way somewhere between Estoril and Atlantis Blue, while also offering a nod to last season’s Yas Marina blue, the color looks right at home on the high-performance M car.

I photographed this car following IND’s Gelbgrun M2 build earlier this year. As the bigger and more comfortable build counterpart, it stands stark in comparison but still striking, nevertheless. The F80 M5 marks the first time the M5 has been offered with all-wheel drive. The power plant is similar to the twin-turbo V8 from the F10, but with a power increase up to 591 horsepower in stock trim. Torque was bumped considerably too, with 553 lb-ft at the driver’s disposal. The result is a car that can reach 60mph in just 3.4 seconds, and 124mph in just 11.1 – blisteringly fast for a sedan of this size.


Clearly, the beast has some bite to match its bright blue bark. There’s more performance goodies to come in the future, too, but in the mean time, the car sports a few fresh IND components, such as the carbon front bumper trimmings. The 5-spoke HRE wheels, finished in raw aluminum, play well with the metallic paint and somehow strike a balance between upscale style and sporty aggression. The Michelin rubbers put the power down to earth, making for a car that is deserving of the M5 name in the realm of outright speed.

From mild to wild, it’s always enjoyable to see what projects IND has up their sleeve. In its infancy, this project is exciting enough, and we’ll be waiting to see more of what IND has in store, as always.


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