Aesthetics – The BMW E9 CSL – Photography by Mike Crawat

It’s not StanceWorks’s first CSL, and its sure not to be the last. In fact, this will be our 9th featured example, a milestone in and of itself, with only 491 left to go if we want to conquer them all. Captured by our talented friend and photographer Mike Crawat, this particular example comes from Europe, and more specifically, Belgium. Parked along side its BMW brethren earlier this summer at an event, it stole the show as an iconic elder. Mike put his talents to work, capturing the small intricacies and details that make these incredible machines stand out from their more-tame counterparts. From big, ostentatious aerodynamic parts, to bold stripes, weatherweight components, and of course, the CSL badging, theres little not to love about these quintessential sports cars. We figured there’s little chance our readers wouldn’t enjoy seeing it too, so here’s some Monday afternoon eye candy. Enjoy.


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