The Daily Grind – Emily Marton’s “StanceWorks 128i”

It’s been quite some time since we last photographed Emily’s 128i. For me, it’s been years since I’ve got out and shot a car for no other reason than to shoot, but with a new camera in hand, and with Emily wanting some updated photos of her admittedly gorgeous car, it was as good an excuse as any. We found a tried and true parking garage, posed the car, and enjoyed the last moments of fading golden light.

As an art teacher, there’s little doubt Emily has the coolest car in the faculty parking lot. Hunkered down over BBS Impuls via a set of H&R coilovers, it’s also likely the lowest, too. As a whole, the car is understated, with no attempt to feign stature as a 135i or 1M. Instead, Emily embraces the simple and clean styling, and it makes for a wonderful daily driver. With blue paint over a white leather interior, it acts as a perfect complimentary counterpart to her white-over-blue ’68 1600-02 project too.

She’s focused on the smaller details, like finding a matching IMPUL shift knob, installing sway bars, and perfecting the exhaust tone. While it’s far from a “project” or “build” in any sense, it’s hard to be any more comfortable, while looking so good, when it comes to any other cars in the StanceWorks fleet.


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