SSSZ Photo Presents : Motorsport Visuals

It was more than a year ago that Sebastian Sieberg & Sebastian Zimmermann of SSSZ Photo shared their work on the StanceWorks homepage. The duo brought us a look at the Nurburgring Historic races through their own eyes, and with such beautiful and powerful imagery, we were excited to share. Recently, SS & SZ reached out, eager to share more with the StanceWorks audience. Not ones to turn away stunning automotive photography, we’re excited to share their work once again, and we hope with lots more to come. If you’re liking the designs that you see in the photos, then you can also add one to your motor by getting in touch with Senge Graphics and the likes. Make your motor your own by customizing it.

In the meantime, be sure to check out their work online at and on Instagram: @ssszphoto






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