The Daily Grind – Spring Cleaning

Over the past several years, the day-to-day at StanceWorks has grown ever-busier, with more and more piling atop the plate. Working on everything from events to opportunities, and from content to merchandise, we find ourselves sometimes struggling to find a balance, and moreover, to find time for the “non-business” side of the company. Last week, we made the unorthodox decision to turn off our computers entirely, for seven days straight, putting off digital work in favor of manual labor. While it might not quite be spring yet, we jumped the gun and did some major cleanup in the StanceWorks Headquarters, bringing the shop back up to a shine, ready for 2016’s projects.

It’s no professional race shop, but it is our shop, through and through. For once, and hopefully for some time, there’s now free space between the cars, and the shelves offer some semblance of organization, at least by our own standards. We’ve swept up several pounds of metal shavings and scraps, and we’ve tossed more junk to an Unwanted car buyer out there than we probably care to admit. For the first time in ages, our tool boxes are organized and our collection of spare parts have found their homes. Even the surface of the workbench is visible – astounding!

However, behind the cleanliness is a layer of silt that refuses to leave; our shelves remain slightly disheveled, and a sense of cluttered chaos remains in the air. The remaining imperfect nature of the shop tells that work does indeed happen here. Over the past 3 years, our shop has been home to some near and dear builds – The StanceWorks Model A, Jeremy Whittle’s E38, Rusty, and now Andrew’s mini, to name a few.

Even more projects lie on the horizon, like Andrew’s E21, and my E28 M5 that is set to arrive soon. Our trucks continue to move in and out from under the knife, and a potential SEMA project is in the works. As the dream-come-true home to our builds, the StanceWorks HQ deserved a bit of love, and we were happy to oblige. Now, we’re back to the daily grind. Stay tuned – with a clean shop on our hands, perhaps it’s time to have our first-ever open house.





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