Envisioning The Future – The E9 CSL Homage Race Car by Khyzyl Saleem

BMW’s recent unveiling of the E9 CSL Homage was met with mixed reviews, and the forward styling of the car has left fans of the marque debating its aesthetics ever since. Now, thanks to Khyzyl Saleem and his unbelievable talent, we’re able to see the Homage transformed. Race ready with the classic Motorsport livery, BBS centerlocks, wide arches, and a very pleasant update to the front end of the car, the CSL is back to its former glory. With both modern and classic touches blended together, details like the staunch rear wing and auxiliary lighting feel right at home.

To see more of Khyzyl’s incredible work, check out his portfolio by clicking here. You can find him on facebook as well.


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