Formula Drift Road Atlanta – Limited Edition Art Print

Following the success of our first Formula Drift Art Print for the Streets of Long Beach, and answering the pleas for more, we’ve decided to celebrate Round 2: The Road to the Championship at Road Atlanta. Hand drawn in the same style that echoes the atmosphere of the most famous round in Formula Drift, this second print is limited to just 300 copies for sale. Set against the iconic loop of Road Atlanta, several key aspects of inspiration have been drawn upon, ranging from the infamous Georgia red clay and the bridge that straddles the track, to the piercing orange sun that lights the event as it comes to a close.

This second print in the series features Mad Mike’s RadBull Miata and Tanner Faust’s V8 Passat running head to head on the asphalt. The 24″x18″ limited edition prints have each been stamped, numbered, and signed to mark their authenticity, and the colorful scene has been full-color offset printed using vegetable inks on high quality, thick 12pt paper stock. While supplies last, we will be selling the prints for $35 plus shipping.

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