Underground Hero: Love to Hate Me – by Maiham Media

While we’re absolutely in love with the craziness and oddities, Bosozoku styling is questionable at best for many; however, Morohoshi-san has taken it to an entirely new level. Luke Huxham and Maiham Media have put together a breath-taking short, titled “Underground Hero: Love to Hate Me,” that follows Morohoshi-San, an underground businessman that specializes in jobs that fall within the “gray area” of legality. As Luke put it, “Style is personal, fun is universal. That’s what you need to embrace before watching this film…  His style is unique and questionable but one things for sure, he’s too busy having fun to care what you think.”  Whether you fall in love with his style, or find it appalling, one thing is certain – Morohoshi-san and his crew are having some serious fun.

Underground Hero: Love to Hate Me is the first video we’ve featured that has been shot in 4K resolution, so be sure to enter full-screen, set the resolution to “original,” and crank the speakers. Oh, and remember to have fun.



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