Cleanliness is next to…

For some reason, I tend to get tired of “sayings” that are commonly seen on the internet. People use words like “Epic” or “Dope” or even “Swag” as if it was a part of everyday linguistics. Going to America, I realised that there are a lot of people who actually use those words in everyday conversations.

Another word commonly used in out community is “Clean”. This word will never get old though, and it reminded me of Chris’ RX7.

Earlier in the year Dom and myself travelled to Queensland Australia. The week was action packed, and to be honest, Im still recovering. We were lucky enough to meet Chris, Laughs were had and we all got along like a house on fire.

The car is almost exactly how I would build an RX7. Highlight silver, hunkered down on Enkei NT03+m’s, this car whispers look at me like a business woman in a pencil-tight skirt.

One thing Americans never realise is that all across Australia we aren’t allowed to lower our cars below 100mm… It’s an actual law. It hasn’t stopped any of us in the past, nor will it stop us in the future. We live our lives avoiding all authorities on the roads, but on occasion there is no escape.

“Pulling into an RBT and not being able to get in the car park. Police said it was too low and I said it’s because I got passengers, so everyone had to get out of the car and there was no difference. DEFECTED!”

Low is a lifestyle, We live it every day.


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