Sometimes, it’s tough to put in to words when someone, or in this case, two people, mean a lot to you. We’ve all met people in this car scene, and I have no doubts that many of us have formed permanent relationships, all due to low cars. For me, it all started with a simple conversation through PM, and now I find myself tearing in to a car 2,500 miles from home.

I’ve written a lot of great things about a lot of truly great people on this page, I’ve never sat down and struggled to write before.


I considered writing about the car, but the pictures speak for themselves. They just don’t make ’em like they used to. I thought about telling you how thankful I am that this community exists, but that’s redundant. I wanted to write about Nic and Stephanie and how they inspire me, but I couldn’t put it in to words.

I figured this time it was best to keep it short and sweet. You can take away the scene, you can take away the cars. I’ve met people I consider friends and I’ve met some I consider family. Nic and Steph fall in to the latter. They do more than build awesome cars. They’re just awesome people. Their only flaw is that they moved to the wrong side of the country.

It’s probably only fair to write a tidbit about the car. It’s a ’72 Bavaria and it belongs to Steph, and it gets parked every night next to Nic’s E21. That E21 with the bronze paint and matching Ronal Racing mags. So they know how to build a proper BM, and the bav is just a hint at what is to come.

Step one is completed though, as the E3 sits on a custom AirLift Universal setup, with AccuAir E-Level from BagRiders, and swallows the Gotti 1001s. Up next? Good stuff, trust me.

So here’s to a great car and even greater people. I anxiously await my next trip to Seattle. We’ve got an E21 to bag and Parliaments to smoke awkwardly.

They don’t know it yet, but I never left Seattle. I’m snagging WiFi from their house, chillin’ in the storage shed in the back yard.


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