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When we pulled up outside of CEC’s showroom in LA, we knew the evening was bound to be interesting when parked on the curb was a Mercedes SLR and an SLS behind it. The occasion? Recaro’s LA Auto Show party for the new Recaro Pro Racer Ultima 1.0.

As explained to us by Recaro, the seat revolutionizes safety.
“In 1996, the “Pro Racer” was the world’s first racing shell with side head protectors, which revolutionised safety in motor sport..


Stätus Racing

Mike Burroughs

It’s with great excitement that we announce our newest sponsor: Status Racing. Here is a little bit about the company:
Founded in 2004, Status Racing brought a new level of style and function to the performance seat market with a full line of composite racing seats. With a successful 7 years of project cars, seat sales, and brand establishment, Status Racing decided to take a new step.