Southern Worthersee
A show placed in a Bavarian themed village nestled away in the rural town of Helen, Georgia is one of the most unique car events held in the United States. Modeled after it’s “mother event” held on Worthersee Lake in Southern Austria, SoWo aims to take you back in time to the hay-day of the cars in attendance.

This is all well and good, but to me, this past weekend in that old Bavarian-themed town brought about a different atmosphere.


We are about to give you a short series on various perspectives from some of the StanceWorks photographers / members who got a chance to experience the wonderful weekend, referred to as Southern Worthersee. This first post is from the eyes of our good friend, Matt Dobre. Matt comes into everything he does with a sense of spontaneity and enthusiasm and it shows in his pictures.


What does it take to kill a car?

It’s pretty obvious fire is one way. Severe collisions, intense flood damage, and of course, rust… They’re all capable of reducing anyone’s pride and joy into nothing more than a worthless scrap of steel and alloy. If you ask anyone who has put blood, sweat, tears, and most importantly, heart, into a car, they’ll tell you that there’s little worse than losing it all. For many of us, cars are an extension of ourselves.


2010 VW Days France

StanceWorks bringing a fresh take at VW Days in France. Breathtaking view of Paris at the beginning of the short. Awol is in the process of boarding a plane to head back to Paris to partake in VW Days 2011, so stay tuned for that.
Here is the StanceWorks trailer of’s E3S6:

As always, for the full segement, click on the link below:
AWOL E3S6: VW Days France from AWOL.


Drift Attack is slowly becoming one of the more notable drift events in the Australian scene. Having been run in previous years, this year Victorian Drift Club is holding two this year. Competitors come from across Australia to compete, show off their skills and do what they love.

The atmosphere is much different to that of the open practice days. The tension in the air can be cut with a knife once the qualifying rounds begin.

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