Some may know recently a deal fell through for an FC Rx-7 I was going to pick up as my next project. Didn't bother me, no harm no foul. I was browsing craigslist like I do daily and came across a Boston Green Metallic 1996 E36 Convertible. Stripped to the bone: no motor, trans, interior. NOTHING. However, NO RUST. Which for the Northeast is fantastic. Two texts and $150 later the title is in my hands. Yes, $150. Currently sitting in storage while I wrap up my Subaru and finish the truck I just bought.

Plans are loosely founded at the moment:
New Paint
Rad Wheels
Race inspired interior
Brides or Recaros
Semi Shaved/Tucked Bay
M52 or LS..don't judge me lol
A bunch of other things that I don't know about yet. Stay Tuned.