Pre merger AMG got their claim to fame in the 80's when every miami drug dealer on the block wanted a widebody SEC 126 coupe. In 1983 AMG decided to design their own in house wheel versus constantly using BBS, Riken, or Rial wheels on their tuned MB's. They came up with what they called the "AMG Road Wheel" or as we call them today the "Penta". Penta is actually an incorrect name, as it's a british wheel manufacturer who ripped off the design. The actual AMG versions were made by ATS for the Gen I wheels and Ronal for the ugly GenII wheels.

I have an original AMG sales brochure from about 1985 IIRC. I can scan it if people want to see how AMG sold all their goodies.

300TD (1 of 1)-5 by Mike Finnelly, on Flickr
Waggo-1375 by Mike Finnelly, on Flickr
300TDt (1 of 1) by Mike Finnelly, on Flickr