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    Haven't had the best of luck with my last 2 BMW's as I was trying to be a more responsible adult and trying to keep away from cars that are fun to make faster. Instead I had a learning experience that caused me a lot of problems. Thus bringing me to this post.
    I've been desperate to find a car for work specifically temporarily. I came across a diesel Benz a few months ago but wasn't sure how I felt about diesel power output and passed on it. There have recently been a pretty good amount of 560s and 420s for sale. One caught my eye due to the price being extremely low and needing a fuel pump and keys. Now I know this is stance works and the question would probably be more suited on a Mercedes specific forum but obviously I intend to get this thing low at some point. How are these as far as reliability goes? I've looked up chain guide replacement and things like that and I don't intend to spend little money and expect a top running car. Just want to get an idea of what I will be spending to get one road worthy.
    There's also a 560sel for sale that has an extensive amount of maintenance done just has horrible paint but the price isn't bad either. Still just want to get an idea on their reliability before I jump in. I apologise for the scatter brained post in advance.

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    Not scatter brained at all, although you may want to try a busier topic like the builds section because those guys are usually working on cars and knows whats best. The w126 is a great line of cars that Mercedes put out but like most older benz they come with issues. It's not going to that much more reliable than an old BMW because it's still old german. Common 560 issues are transmission related, head-gasket and I believe on a few years they utilized the CIS mechanical fuel injection system which is pretty temperamental these days and very few people still know how to properly service and tune this system. 420's are good but neither are going to be good on gas. The turbo diesel would be your best bet for reliability in my opinion because old TD Benz's are known to push a quarter million miles easily with minimal servicing. Although they are really slow which gets old. If you get your hands on that 560 and all of the records look goo dI would go for it but make sure you watch out for transmission or head gasket related work orders if he includes them. If he replaced the head gaskets and not the heads it's a sign that he is cheap and didn't want to have them properly machined or replaced. They love to warp so if not correctly machined or replaced they will constantly leak and give you over heating issues. Transmission issues are very hit or miss with these cars because it all lies in the hands of the previous owner. If he did his transmission servicing on time and didn't slack as an owner of a very temperamental car it should be solid but if not you can very well expect to run into issues which are pretty pricey. Sorry for the crazy long post but I thought I might let you know! Have you considered the early 90's w124? the 400e was the best car I have owned yet and was not only fast but sounded amazing and extremely reliable besides the transmission and got good mpg. Good Luck!

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    I appreciate it trust me. I have considered the w124s, they were actually my first choice because coilovers. But no good candidates anymore except for a 5spd 190e for $900 but needs a clutch and stuff. I was trying to get one last year but I ended up buying my first e36 instead. Anyway as far as the w126s I don't expect all to be perfect especially for how much they are although the 560 I'm looking at only caught my eye because of the particular maintenance recently done to it so to speak. The 420sel I am eye balling is $350 it doesn't run due to needing a key and "fuel pump", but at $350 with really low miles it's almost worth it to me to get it and just start replacing stuff as it arises while it's down. My other option was to take it to the shop that fixed my BMW and see what they say. As for the 400e I saw one for sale last week and it was sold a day after its post. Believe me I am very skeptical of anything German lol. I don't expect perfection. I do look for certain things that I know plagued me with my last two cars which is the chains and cooling. And the 560 has had those addressed so I guess I will look at that one when I'm off. For shits and giggles I did a search outside of where I live and found a 560sec for sale and considered taking a 4.5he trip. Now that I will buy no questions asked and fix it no matter the price.

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    Keep in mind, on the 126(and other benzes from that era) the pumps(two) are external; as such they are very easy to test.

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