long story short i bought a buddies V2 3/8" setup a while back and installed it a few days ago. it worked fine for a while but yesterday i hopped in my car to head to work and my compressor didn't come on. my tank psi was at 50, my minimum is set to 140. i switched out compressors had the same issue. the controller works fine no error messages, fuses appear to be good as well. I have 10 v from the power wire leaving the relay so i know that the management is sending power to the compressor. The compressor still works if i directly connect it to the battery. i'm really confused. Car airs up and down fine if i fill the tank with my garage compressor. I sent and email to airlift about 2 day ago but didn't get a reply. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Car is a 2003 mk4 gti.