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Thread: The Official Low-Budget Non-Baller Stance Thread!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Youngthugga View Post
    Have about 1300$ into this setup.
    How in the HELL did you do that for 1300???
    Quote Originally Posted by JC. View Post
    'Stance' doesn't have to be scraping your car along the floor, that is simply the scene that has caught on. As long as your car looks amazing (in your eyes) while your rolling down the street, that is your own personal perfect stance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by soab View Post
    How in the HELL did you do that for 1300???
    Fake wheels and good deals. But in actuality I have 3k in the ENTIRE setup, I meant wheels/tires/suspension.
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    In my wagon.


    where are you guys getting all the awesome/cheap/knockoff/rep rims for like 200 bucks?! The only decent thing i've ever seen around here is a beat old pair of enkei five spokes for like 300...

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    This is my SUPER budget 87 Civic Wagovan. So far all suspension mods have been free. I'm looking to get a set of 13x8s and get a lower. This is my first go round at setting up a real tight stance on a car. I have a lot of reading and learning to do! I'm stoked to see the budget thread here though!

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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post


    what mirrors are those?
    what tonneau cover is that?
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    Bought '02 allroad for $1400. Fixed for $1400, drove 30k miles and sold for $5200, so that's what I had to spend on this build. Went a little over but I think did pretty well keeping to the budget.

    Car - $4200
    Sold stock wheels + $350
    OEM Ultrasports - $150
    TA Technix coilovers - $320
    SPC control arms - $389
    Tires - $400
    Spacers - $180

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    ^ Classic OEM+ at its best.

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    My new daily, it's a 99 328i, manual, bought it stock. Got used PSS10s, free tires, and these OZs that I've had sitting around for a couple years waiting to be used.

    Total for all parts and the price of the car itself is $3100
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    I've got about 1k into this. 560sel has been in the family since the 90's, springs are cut, rolled my own fenders, and scored on a mint set of HRE C21's

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    aight, i'll play along.

    First the Saxo ; rears are lowered with a torsion beam so that didnt cost me nothing. fronts , i just removed the springs and drove on the bumpstops

    before i had money to buy split wheels, widened steelies:

    picked up the RM012's for dirt cheap ; 400 euro's.
    had some custom adapters made for 200

    and here they are on my new money pit (already came with TA Technics coilovers.
    havent spend anything on the exterior or suspension just yet.:

    i shouldn't be daily driving this:
    "Volkswagen Golf mk1 build thread"

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    Can I do a 3 year thread bump?
    88 535i/5spd $1200, secondhand/cut springs $200, style 5s $240 commercially powdercoated for $160. More than I care to admit into preventative maintenance.
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    Car 750€
    Wheels with tyres 160€
    Coils 130€
    The rest is imagination and a few bucks

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