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Thread: DP Motorsport Enduro (Pair)

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    Default DP Motorsport Enduro (Pair)

    Hi everyone!

    I have a pair of 5x120 16x9 et30 3 piece DP Motorsport Enduros. They have no bends and only minor scuffing on the barrels. 1 wheel has some scratching on the face, but nothing too bad.

    I dont know exactly where to price these, as they are very rare, but still only a pair. Ill start at 350. I am open to trades (5x100) as well.


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    Would it be possible to get pics of a tape measure across the wheel to show the width (just want to make sure theyre 9s) and of the stamps in the wheel that says the offset? Im very interested!
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    Does anybody know where these wheels ended up I'm looking for one but I'll buy two if I have to.

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