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Thread: Compressor Taking Longer Than Normal?

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    Default Compressor Taking Longer Than Normal?

    Over the past couple days my compressor has been taking about twice as long to fill my tank. It's an Air Zenith OB2, only a few months old. Haven't noticed any rattling other than the compressor rattling a little like it always has... Searched a few forums and can't seem to find much. Any ideas?

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    Hi Jordan,

    I had problems with my compressor to a while ago. But in my case something was leaking air.
    After a while i found out that my solenoid valve was leaking air. Than i replaced it with an other high quality valve.
    After i installed this: my problem was solved

    maybe in your case something is leaking air aswell.

    i hope i helped you with the info about my experience.

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