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Thread: Wheel spacers making clicking sound?

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    Exclamation Wheel spacers making clicking sound?

    A few days ago I installed 25mm wheel spacers on all 4 wheels of my Chevy HHR, and it seems that when im going slowly up or down an incline, or I turn slowly, I hear a small click coming from one or both of the front wheels. It sounds like itís metal hitting metal, but I torqued the nuts to the correct setting, and installed everything as it said to in a few different videos I watched. If anyone has any ideas or wants more info, Iíd really appreciate it! Thanks!

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    I would double check the wheel and spacer tq and the spacers could exaggerate an existing wheel bearing issue or ball joint or tie rods.

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    Support the vehicle and remove the wheels, inspect the spacers just to make sure they are seated correctly/flush to the wheel hub. If the inspection has been deemed within specs as directed my the spacerís manufacture settings.. the issue could be deeper and within the wheel baring.
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