Hi guys, I come to you all with a quick question (maybe not so quick in the end however).
Basically, up until now I have been using a simple resin polish, a pad and my own strength to bring out the shine of my faded, tornado red colour. After polishing it all, I protected it with some Farecla G3 Super Gloss Paste. Since my car is mainly parked outside in the sun, as I am away from home a lot, you can imagine that the paint tends to fade a few weeks after polishing it. My question to you all is, if I was to get into machine polishing my car myself, what sort of gear should I be prepared to buy, and most importantly how do I use such a machine to its full potential? Here I am referring to the different pads which are available for such machines, I have done some basic research and found out about the different types of machines and pads available, but I want to confirm with everyone who has something to say about this so I don't end up badly ruining my original paint. In essence, would anybody be able to spend a few minutes explaining to me the art of machine polishing your pride and joy, or link me to a reputable tutorial? I will be very thankful for any input made. Thank you for taking the time to read my thread, and for any information given.