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Thread: W201/124 quick release / hub kit

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    Default W201/124 quick release / hub kit

    so before I start fishing around looking for things that fit, has anyone tried to fit a quick release from another car on to a W201/124? Looking at short hubs from NRG as I bought a grip royal wheel maybe a year ago now just had nothing to put it on - in the interest of car theft I want a steering wheel I can take off.

    A friend of mine has an S13 quick release which is period correct, I'll be trying it to let you know but has anyone been successful with a different car?
    '87 Benz 190E


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    I'd simply count splines on the steering column input shaft and find a non-make forum to request a wtb ad for a quick release with x# splines. Or call nrg and tell them how many splines you need. I'm sure they can hook you up easy. ��

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