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Thread: Autostrada Modena 17" 4х114.3

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    Default Autostrada Modena 17" 4х114.3

    Hey guys! I have a set of these wheels for sale!

    A 80s wheel inspired by Ferrari wheels. Seen on the F40 among others. Produced by Work wheels In Japan.
    The centercap has an unusual locking mechanism with a locking pin stopping the hexcap coming off the center spindle.

    3-piece wheels
    Fronts 9J, offset et45
    Rears 10J, offset et30

    Lip are freshly polished.

    Price: $2100
    Shipping Worldwide


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    Price drop to 1800!

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    Urgently! Price dropped to $1500
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    Still available? Can these still be redrilled? I am looking for 4/5x114.3. if the mounting surface is solid with only one lug pattern then they can.

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