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Thread: Another e36 with rear toe problems caused by camber.

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    Default Another e36 with rear toe problems caused by camber.

    Hello guys.... I want to start off by saying that posting a thread was my last resort for figuring out my problem. I have been searching and reading about this rear toe problem for weeks now and have many hours under the car trying to solve the problem as well a blow out that destroyed a quarter panel and multiple tires that are now dead..

    Important specs and parts.
    Spc Camber arms
    Broadway static
    rear wheels 17x10 with 205/45
    rear qp's pulled
    modded Rta Brakets / non polly bushings

    So a little more then a month ago i mounted up wheels and added camber arms on. I noticed that in order to fit the wheels and stay relatively low in the rear i had to add a good amount of camber. I added a shit ton and then realised that my toe was in way too much so i pulled it out the most i could. After noticing that i needed to mod the RTA brackets a buddy and I pulled out the beer and the welder and started to mod them.
    After they were done i ran a few washers on the side that still had the inner bump in order to get my toe more out. I thought i had completed my task until i got back from h2oi and blew out a tire and messing up my qp a decent amount ( have since repaired it pretty well, just waiting on paint). The reason the tire blew out was because the toe was causing to drag the wheel. I went and got new smaller tires and took some of the camber out. Also, i cut some of the inner cubby that the RTA bracket sits in to get a little more shift from them... not much. The other day i took my car on a small road trip that was about 800miles and it destroyed stock tires that had no stretch in that short amount of time.
    At this point I am just curious if maybe i modded the RTA brackets wrong or if i am doing something else wrong? I have exhausted myself trying to solve this problem and i don't have any friends who have ever messed with the e36 rear camber. Any help is appreciated.

    Here is the car as it sits.

    here is the close to the amount of camber on it currently, i took a small amount out

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    No one?

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