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Thread: a series of unfortunate events (car mods)

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    Default a series of unfortunate events (car mods)

    if there's a thread like this in here I apologise, I posted it in here cos' I'd rather a place in Australia as opposed to otherwise.
    I drew up some pictures of my (future) car today at work (cos' I work so fucking hard), and it got me wondering on a couple of things, mostly where I would go and what I would do to attain such modifications. It's a Benz W201 but a lot of the "mods" are fairly universal in their ways.

    1. the taillights
    one element I feel like I'll have little luck with, I'm basically chasing a person that can create tail lights from scratch. I've had a good look around but the problem I have is that all the tail lights I've found are the jaggered squared out typical W201 lights, I want a rounder LED based light. Kind of a modernised tail light in an 80s model car. Would love to have them in Melbourne but I feel like that is fairly unattainable. The basic idea I have is like the "VIP" Celsior tail lights, but... well... not

    2. the rear bar / ducktail
    both of which are "modified" AMG/Cosworth style parts, how heavily can you modify a part like this before they become flimsy? I can do some panel work myself however my knowledge is kinda limited. The ducktail from AMG is flat, but I want it to look more like a rocket bunny wing, again i can do it again but I'm looking at $400 for a spare 201 boot alone which is ridiculous so I'd rather it done a bit more efficiently by someone that can spend 8 hours a day on it. I can't haha - the rear bar from Cosworth is awesome except I want it smoothed to take the lines out of it. I can do that myself with some fiberglassing and shit.



    3. 2 door (overfenders?)
    I saved this part till last (for now) cos' it raises a lot more questions than I really understand. Being a 4 door car I can't just make an overfender and slap it over the top can I? from what i've seen in the past it involves taking the skin of the car off and replacing, however I've only ever seen that with track cars so is that a weight thing or a necessity? Would I have to weld the doors shut or just keep them locked? in my ideal scenario I'd like to shave the rear doors clean and make it look like a pillarless W124 (300CE), however for the cost/effort it'd be cheaper to buy a 300CE... I'd like it to be wide enough to comfortably fit wheels that aren't a bitch size.
    Does anyone know anyone in Melbourne that can help with overfenders? it would take me a straight year to get them right, my buddy Denis has been making overfenders for E30s but hasn't made a 4 door overfender yet so he's not been able to help.

    The alternate to that of course is just to keep it 4 door and widen the fenders. I'll post a pic of the fender flaring cos' I can't find any overfender type pics. I'll probably go and draw the front end tonight to give an idea of what I wanna do for the rest

    the picture:

    TL;DR I need connects for custom taillights/headlights & body modding
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