Hey guys. I found this on another forum and thought I would share for those who might want to know. Perhaps sticky it to prevent the question on "which compressor is best for me?"

Search terms:
VAIR, Air Zennith OB2, Dual, Single, Oasis, ARB, 275c, 275, 280c, 280, 325c, 325, 350c, 350, 380c, 380, 400c, 400, 420c, 420, 450c, 450, 460c, 460, 380c, 380, dual 380, 400, dual 400, dual 444, 444c, 444, dual 480, 480c, 480, ckma12, ckmta12, dual ob2, ob2, xd3000. xd4000, verse, vs., better, best, cost, comparison, fill rate, speed, fill time, psi, pressure, 200psi, 175psi, 150psi

credit to DBO on trainhornforums.com