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Thread: FS: Volvo 940 turbobrick

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    Default FS: Volvo 940 turbobrick

    I'm aware that most of this community are located in United States, but still this is worth a shot. Car is located in Riga, Latvia (Baltic States).
    Selling my '91 2.0 turbobrick. Condition is just as good visually as technically.
    • MBC, Boost gauge, set to 0.7 bar at the moment, pulling pretty nicely
    • G80 locker at the back (though I'm not satisfied how it 'locks')
    • Custom made coilovers at the front (very nice stiffness)
    • Custom springs and shocks at the back, which are like twice shorter and stiffer
    • 17x8,5/10j Rondell BMW wheels with good 195/45 tyres
    • 5x108 to 5x120 adapters to fit BMW wheels
    • Adapted Recaro seat from VW
    • Grip Royal steering wheel
    • "Turbo" grill
    • 70mm turbo-back exhaust with 2x70mm shotgun pipes at the back and Magnaflow resonator at the middle
    • Electric sunroof, electric mirrors and front windows aswell, heated seats
    • Leather interior
    • 4speed gearbox with O/D
    • Black crosses in front lights
    • Saab 9000 trunk spoiler
    • "Heckblende" between rear lights
    • Giving away original leather seat, original steering wheel, rear lights and new Bosch 400cc green injectors

    Price for everything listed: 2600, not parting it out

    I can get close-up shots of it aswell if someone is interested.
    More info about the project is here on Stanceworks:

    If here's someone from Scandinavia or Europe, give them a message.
    You can PM me here or e-mail me -

    Cheers, guys!
    Selling because I need a different dailydriver. This is becoming way more like racecar.

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    What specs are the wheels and adapters?

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