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Thread: Back to School Meet // Portland, Oregon

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    Exclamation Back to School Meet // Portland, Oregon

    Big car meet, then we'll cruise around Vancouver.

    Saturday, August 29th at 8pm

    Lowes in Hayden Meadows.

    1160 N Hayden Meadows Drive,
    Hayden Meadows Square,
    Portland, OR 97217

    More Info:
    Our meet is at the end of this month August 29th at 8pm Lowes by PIR. Please invite anyone your heart desires. Just no drugs, alcohol, and no burnouts at Lowes. This is a free event and is a back to school kind of thing for most people. Also it'd be kind of fun to see how many StanceWorks reppin' cars show up. Send me a message if you have any questions. Thank you.
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    Have you made any photos? It was a cool event I think.

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