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Thread: First wheel rebuild Work VS-KF

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    Default First wheel rebuild Work VS-KF

    What's up guys.
    Just posting on here to document my first wheel build.
    Ordered a pair of VS-KF's from Toby Nikolas over in Japan.
    Originally 18x7.5+45
    Then picked up some 5" lips second hand from a gentleman on Zilvia.
    Wheels just arrived yesterday, and got to work.
    Here is the pictures of everything I remembered to document, I also included a picture of the M7 XZN socket that is the correct socket for removing the work bolts on VS-KF.
    Hopefully should be putting tires on soon and see how they look on the car.

    Here's the wheels as I saw them advertised on Facebook. hah

    Lips arrived first. One was in decent condition, the other had a decent rash on it from tire mounting most likely.

    Did a quick and easy polish on the better lip to see how it came out.
    Looked good enought to me, so I just left that one as is.

    The other lip had to be sanded on the rashed area and re polished.
    I did 800-1000-1500-2000-3000 and then Mother's mag and aluminum polish and it came out pretty good aswell.

    Then I got the M7 XZN bit for disassembling the wheels.

    And finally just yesterday the wheels arrived and I could get to work.

    First we pulled the faces out of the barrel/lip combo.

    Then my brother/fabricator cut the lips from the barrel.

    Then I polished the Faces with some Mothers chrome polish.
    Although the chrome is lifting in a few spots, it still looks 100x better than it did when they arrived.

    One final polish of the lips before assembly, and back together they go.

    All finished!

    and one last polish the next day for good measure.

    Final results are a pretty slick looking pair of 18x10.5 +6.5 VS-KF's.

    Here's a little sneak of what they're gonna look like on my daily/drift car.

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    Tires on, and then on the car!
    Turned out pretty well for my first experience with any sort of 3 piece wheel, aswell as polishing in general.
    What do you guys think?

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    these are my favorite wheels!they came out good too

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    Such a good looking wheel, close to my favourite set of wheels Iíve owned

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