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Thread: ADAC European breakdown cover?

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    Default ADAC European breakdown cover?

    Hello gents,
    I'm planning a small trip through Europe late summer (Croatia) and despite I've already spent hundreds to prepare my car, I'd like to purchase a breakdown cover just in case. I've already went for a trip with this car a year ago without any cover and it went all alright, but it was stock back then and now it's quite low I don't use any breakdown cover in the country neither so by buying ADAC for Europe I would use it as my cover in the UK for the rest of the year. British companies quoted me over 200 quid for my e38 for 2 week european cover, where ADAC charges 84 euros for a whole year for a full cover
    I'm just not sure, what actually they cover for. I mean, in case of a breakdown that they would have to recover me from a motorway to a workshop and repair a car, I'm not sure if it's fully cover by them or they just pay to some extent for the assistance on a motorway, for towing and for covering workshop's fees etc.
    I'm also wondering if there's any limit of call out per year for example?
    Maybe any of you guys have any experience with them and would be kind enough to share, please?

    this is the scrap I'm going with

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