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Thread: Eatwithnaveed's WRC inspired, Wide Body 06 STi

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    Default Eatwithnaveed's WRC inspired, Wide Body 06 STi

    hello, my name is Naveed. Ive been pretty excited about posting my build thread on here for the past year. ive owned a ton of cars, from a bunch of subaru's down to a 800 whp mkiv supra. when i bought this car, my intentions were to go all out and have a one of a kind sti built to my personal taste. i dont think the car will ever be finished, just like any other build, but i feel like ive reached a point where i can start posting more about it and share with you all.
    id like to say thanks to everyone who has helped contribute to eveything so far. without the people who have helped, this car wouldnt be anywhere near where it sits today. so thank you again. hope you guys all enjoy following this thread. i whore it out alot on IG, so feel free to check it out on my page @eatwithnaveed

    Latest updates on last page, heres where she sits today.

    Mod List:

    Crawford Short Block
    79mm Forged crank shaft
    Forged Sti rods
    Crawford 99.5 forged pistons
    Forged Sti main and rod bearings
    Forged Sti piston rings
    Crawford wrist pins
    Crawford V2 AOS
    ARP headstuds
    Perrin Rotated turbo manifold
    Perring Rotated downpipe
    Garret GT3076 Turbo
    Tial 38MM wastegate, custom open dump
    Perring FMIC
    ID top feed fuel rail conversion
    ID 1300cc injectors
    Walbro 255lph Fuel pump
    Trust PE Ti-R catback
    RPS carbon carbon clutch
    Tuned by Ed @ EQ tuning
    420WHP/420WTQ @19lbs

    AirLift Performance Sponsored
    AirLift Struts
    AirLift V2 Management
    Viair compressor
    Whiteline front and rear sway bars
    Carbing rear strut bar
    C-Pillar Bar
    Whiteline adjustable lateral links
    SPC camber bolts
    -10 degrees all around

    Work Equip 05 high disk option
    Custom step lips by Griplow
    18x10.5 -14/-11
    Nexxen Tires 255/35/18
    OEM Sti brembos
    DBA drilled rotors
    DBA pads

    AutoPower 6pt CherryBlossom Red cage
    Vertex "Vertex of Vertex" steering wheel
    WorksBell "Team Orange" edition quick release/short hub
    Pionoeer Doubledin headunit
    Pinoeer 6 1/2's on all 4 doors
    Evo X Recaro seats
    Planted technology bases
    Limited WRX cream leather door cards
    Black WRX carpet
    Black WRX rear seats
    Dynamat all throughout
    LED's all throughout

    ABW WRC front bumper
    ABW WRC custom front lip
    ARC reverse hoodscoop
    WRC 20 mm wider front dive fenders
    Kakumei WRC type 1 25mm wider quarter panels
    Shine Auto WRC type 1 sideskirts
    Voltex Carbon rear diffuser
    Chargespeed Carbon roofvane
    Launsport Carbon side mirrors
    ABW Newage duckbill trunk lip
    Custom FlexFuel Sti rear badge
    Custom AdamBao LED tail lights
    Black housing Sti adjusting headlights

    the night i bought the car.

    dropped the car off to Ed over at Eq tuning to finish the half built motor. new fuel system and minor support for the rotated 30R installed. Tuned for e85 and settled at 420WHP/420WTQ on 19lbs. slipping clutch prevented any more boost but thats gonna hopefully change in the future.

    the parts collecting begins.

    first on the list was the WRC hawkeye dive fenders up front. 25mm wider than stock.

    custom FlexFuel Badge made by a local friend.

    authentic carbon Voltex rear diffuser


    found someone local selling a rare Trust PE-TiR titanium exhaust and APR carbon mirrors!

    i **** WRB subaru's, that includes the stupid Sti interior lol. so i decided to swap over to the black wrx carpet and seats for a more subtle clean look.

    Work Equip 05 with high disk fronts finally acquired! =D

    my buddy RHD Ryan decided to give me free bride digo's!

    my kakumei WRC type 1 rear over fenders and Shine auto WRC type 1 side skirts have finally arrived! getting the car ready to head over to my buddy johns house for major surgery!

    the surgery begins.

    first part is cutting up the rear quarter panels and test fitting the overfenders!

    gives you an idea of the clearance. the over fenders are about 30mm wider than stock.

    decided to go with body panel adhesive for a cleaner look rather than riveting everything together.

    next up is filling in the gaps!

    we had to sand and fill the outsides of the panels. they turned out to be quite wavey for our taste, and i didnt want that to show on the wrap.

    the gas cap was pretty tricky, but we figured a way to cut the edge to make it so it opened and closed properly without any clearance issues.

    filling and sanding complete!

    next up was installing the front fenders and sanding them down with high grit for an extra smooth surface to work with for the wrap.

    diffuser and sideskirts installed!

    since the 05+ sti has the oem flare and rear bumper that follows, we decided to mold it back on, giving it a more oem look. similar to the Msports widebody panels.

    brought the car home so john could work on his liberty walk m3 while i wait for my wrc bumper to be made and arrive from the uk. also, dropping off the wheels soon to be built by jesse over at Griplow.

    heres how the car sits right now

    test fitted the equips before hand to check clearance and figure specs! cleared brembos baby!

    got the headlights blacked out and took her out for some fuel since shed been sitting for a while.


    dropped off the wheels to jesse at griplow! barrels and lips ordered! took about 1 week to have everything done. decided to go with 18x10.5 -14/-11 with fully polished lips, polished faces, and silver windows! kept the original Work hardware as wel! love the way they turned out!

    new work valve stems and caps included as well!

    some wheel porn for you guys! =D

    finally got some time to test fit the wheels with the kit. i think i went a little overboard on lip sizes. 4.5 inch lips in the rear. 4 inch lips up front. quite the poke but hopefully some camber will fix that down the line.

    found some michellen pilot sport 245/40/18 for 120 bucks for all 4. decided to give it a shot but not sure if its gonna work out. they may just be too tall and michellens dont seem to stretch very well..

    my british parts are finally here!!!

    ABW WRC hawkeye front bumper!

    ABW Duckbill trunk lip!

    Prodrive Carbon front lip!

    got extremely lucky and found a local guy who was parting his car, and happened to have an authentic chargepseed roof vane! convinced him to sell me it before he sold the car! super juiced! one of my favorite pieces on the entire car! oh, and he also had a Carbing rear strut bar! this is the best looking rear strut bar ive seen on a GD. its visible from the rear window and looks super nice without tint!

    Launsport WRC mirrors have been acquired =D

    i had an autopower 4 point ready to be installed from my previous gd, but i ended up finding a 6 point that needs to be repainted or PC'd. the deal was too good to refuse so i picked it up!


    front bumper has been cut, lip has been riveted on, and everything is test fitted on the car. not too happy about these front fenders and their fitment. the gap between where the bumper and fender fit is driving me crazy, but we got it as best as we could. lesson learned, dont buy taiwanese fenders =/.. gonna probably do custom metal front dive fenders in the future to fix this bullshit.


    a local evo buddy said he didnt want his X seats anymore, so i picked them up! love recaros more than anything and theyre practically brand new. gonna be one of a handful of Sti's running X seats. (need to be custom welded onto bases to make these work right)


    sooooo i got lucky again, and found another authentic chargespeed roof vane.. this time its frp, but honestly, i bought it for bragging rights. lol. so no i have a spare =)

    just dropped off the car to daniel over at film werkz for the 3M light ivory wrap. these guys out did themselves! if youre in san jose and need a wrap done, these are the guys to go to! btw, thanks "staycrushing" out in socal for the inspiration on color choice. ive never spoken to you, but ive seen your car in person and it is nuts! loved the cream even though its orange now! both colors look dope!

    installed mirrors, stut bar, custom flex fuel badge, and roof vane today!


    finally bought some whiteline rear lateral links for camber. got them installed and tried to figure out how the car is going to sit. turns out, the ohlins that the car came with dont go low enough, dont get enough camber in the rear even with the arms, and the tires are too tall just as i thought.


    ended up getting new nexxens. 245/35/18, which seem to be perfect sizing! =D


    just got the alignment done with the wheels installed by my friend james over at becausebags!


    my friend adam bao is an electrical engineer at uc berkley. we had discussed some custom LED tail lights and i am beyond blown away by what he came up with for me. 1 of 1 ever! (i know theres carshopglow that makes them in oem style, but we went with a different look and i personally prefer this over it so far)


    seats welded to bases and finally installed! couldnt be happier them! super comfortable and very well bolstered.

    heres how she finally sits! presentable for blox tomorrow!

    thats as current as ive gotten it so far! theres a ton of things left to do including more engine bay dressup and work, more power, more interior work, and more exterior peices i want to adjust and add. ill keep the thread updated as much as i can!
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    took it for a wash the other night for the first time, prepping for blox evo 2! my friend carlos agosta hooked it up with the first set of high res pics!

     photo 262BEF6E-7487-4D14-B985-8B06978EAACF_zpsjljcsycy.jpg

    the poke struggle is real until my new coilovers come in for more low and more camber =(

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    snapped a few iphone pics with the lights on after drying. =)

    and an iphone shot from blox!

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    damn that looks good, glad you re added the little fender flare thigns in teh rear really pulls the bumper into the whole kit.
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    that ivory wrap is sweet

    great color for this car

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    gorgeous car, looks agressive as fuck with those fenders and front bumper
    normally not a fan of black led rearlights but these look good.

    love to see it with some more lows and camber

    i shouldn't be daily driving this:
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    excellent!!! love the led tails

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    Thanks for the kind words guys!!

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    aggressive af. the little oem flare things on the quarters was a great touch.

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    This thing is absolutely stunning!

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    personally love the poke...really though i love literally everything about this! lol

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    Not a fan of the tail lights and the poke.

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    This is awesome

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    i love it, that wrap looks great
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    Quote Originally Posted by storey618 View Post
    personally love the poke...really though i love literally everything about this! lol
    +1 holy shit this is amazing lol

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    this car is absolutely amazing

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    Holy fucking hell. This is incredible.
    There are so many things I love about this, the concept as a whole and the parts (HOW DO YOU HAVE TWO CS ROOF VANES?!)!!
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    12 inches of goodness!

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    Looks great, even if I'm not a fan of that colour

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    Oh my...

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    finally! not-a-bug-eyed impreza! those taillights is really amazing

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    Thanks everyone! Did a photo shoot last night so new high res shots will be posted soon!

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    I must have more!
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    WOW! now im really upset for missing the blox show. wouldve been awesome to see in person...

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