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    This is a serious thread, not a ďhow can I save 3k fast so I can buy these dope rimz for my Mk4.Ē This is a thread for people who are serious about learning about money management/investment/retirement savings. Thatís not to say that this thread canít offer help and understanding to whomever, but understand that this is not about short term silly spending expenditures. Saving is easy, growing money and managing that money effectively is whatís difficult. Thatís what this thread is all about. Letís not let this thread out of hand. I donít have to have to get mods involved in making sure this thread has to be cleaned up all the time.

    So with that being said, Iíll start off with the first question.

    As someone who has only recently graduated college and is in the first year of working full time, what are some options that I would have to begin investing? I plan on opening a Roth IRA in the coming months to start retirement savings, but Iíd also like to build money for shorter term goals and generally just making my money work for me. Bear in mind for me right now, real estate really isnít an option. I have a few people who have said hire a CFP, but Iím skeptical given that Iím starting with 10k to invest. Advice on where to start would be greatly appreciated. I am absolutely willing to do a lot of leg work and research, but need guidance on where to start.
    - Kielan (Key-lin)

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    Leaving this open as it attracts certain type of posts making them easier to delete.
    While we're at it..
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    Do not put all you eggs in one basket - Invest in multiple ways based on physically and online

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