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Thread: The Malaga Bomber (no rust this time!)

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    Default Roundie 2002 w/ a boosted m20

    It's about time I started a thread for this car.

    I picked up this '02 from Carlos at Condor Speed Shop down here in Florida in October 2014. My turbo e30 had just been totalled & I was searching for something new. This popped up and I found it tough to say no. The car is a 1973 malaga 2002 with unknown mileage. The m10 it came with was supposedly “built”; apparently it had cams & some head work.

    The car when I bought it had been sitting for a few years. Somebody before Carlos had decided to paint the hood, roof, and trunk with house paint in a poor attempt to stall the spread of some rust. Hopefully I'll get around to refreshing the body later this year.

    Next I pulled the old m10. It only took a couple of minutes to get out.

    M10 removed:

    Next I cleaned the car with a pressure cleaner; I rolled it out of the shop & snapped a few pics.

    Of course I had to test fit my old RS's!

    And then I decided to widen them a to help them fit I ordered some turbo flares for the car.

    After thinking my options over & perusing a few good threads, I decided to drop in my old turbo m20 motor. Before I dropped it in I'd do all new seals/gaskets and refresh it. SO I ordered my parts & once they were on their way I started prepping the motor/chassis.

    The wiring harness was an easy enough task. After stripping the body harness of all the old loom I was able to trace the wires back a few feet to see their original color. Using the “6 does go into 2” DIY, I was able to locate the wires that I needed and wire them up to an e30 c101 body harness side plug. Then I ran a few new wires, like the fuel pump +12v wire, and labeled them all.

    I ended up using Sin City mounts, which place the motor pretty high up. I had a very tough time getting these to work, and after exchanging many emails with the company I had apparently been sent the wrong mounts, which explained why they didn't work. I was getting tired of waiting around though, so I ended up modifying the subframe to make these work. I had to push the passenger subframe holes out about an inch and then modify the drivers side motor mount.

    Said motor mounts:

    I decided to mess around and run barrels as lips on my old RS's to see what it would look like on the car

    Tons of to-do lists help me stay organized lol

    Here's the trans brace I made

    Picked up some decent seats. Still need to make brackets for them

    Drilled & tapped the compressor housing for a barbed nipple instead of the dumb press in plastic fitting it came with

    The transmission tunnel widening made this swap nearly impossible. I realize that not a lot of people run a g260 transmission because it requires a "little bit" of extra hammering, but I didnt realize just how much that was until I got everything in place.

    Pre BFH:

    The beginning of the trans tunnel surgery

    Here's a pic of how high the trans sits in the tunnel

    Had to cut out a few rusty spots on the floor board & replace them with some good metal

    I ended up drilling the firewall to run the harness thru

    Of course I'm gonna need some great bushings to run on this car to support the m20 and keep everything from falling apart........

    I test fitted the turbo flares to motivate me to finish the swap lol

    Then comes the wheels...........

    Transformed my old barrels into lips with the help of some friends at Spintech



    While the motor wasn't in the car I figured it would be a good idea to refresh all the seals & rotating parts on the driveline. So I installed a new rear main seal, timing belt, SS brake/clutch lines, new center support bearing for the driveshaft, new guibo, a fresh, non cracked oil pan, I resealed the whole transmission(input, output shafts and the shifter selector rod seal), all new turbo manifold gaskets, fuel pressure regulator, and a variety of other things.

    Got the flywheel resurfaced while everything was apart & also did a new clutch/pressure plate

    Test fitted the motor again for the 20th time

    I'll post the rest of the updates tomorrow
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    Okay, so time to catch you all up to the present.

    After many more test fits & trimming of the chassis/hammering the living crap out of the tunnel, I got everything to fit. However, even though it physically fit, the motor sat crooked & didn't allow the driveshaft to line up with the differential. So again I had to drill more holes into the front subframe.....

    Finally straight!

    Now with my crooked motor problem fixed, I was able to make the CSB mount for the driveshaft. So as of now, the motor sits in the car perfectly straight & everything is solidly mounted with Condor Speed Shop bushings.

    With that done, I messed around with the wheels some more, the color of the centers have really started to grow on me. I think that it goes well with the body color of the car & gold hardware.

    To try to fit as much as possible in the bay, you have to cut out a LOT of stuff

    Seeing as the hard part was done, I took the car out of Condor Speed Shop & had it towed back to my house by a friend (E-Racing). So I began to wrap it up & finish the smaller details.

    I started to mess around with the charge pipes, oil catch can locations, etc. I was really trying to figure out how I was going to be able to fit this massive amount of stuff in this tiny engine bay.

    Then, about a month ago I started the car for the first time. It fired right up after figuring out that I needed to bypass the e30 on-board-computer circuit lol. Man did I miss the sound of a turbo m20. I proceeded to take it for a spin around the block. No gas pedal, no seat, no brakes, open downpipe. It was ridiculously fun hahaha.

    As of lately I've began tidying things up. I adapted an e30 gas pedal linkage/pedal to the 02 & have it all mounted/functioning properly. There are quite a few small details I've left out in the build, but that's what happens when you start a build thread 4 months into the build

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    Video or more pix! damn...yes... ERMAHGERD

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    Quote Originally Posted by FunfGang View Post

    Quote Originally Posted by 244Brick View Post
    Video or more pix! damn...yes... ERMAHGERD
    I can't figure out how to embed videos here

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    That rev just made my night. Loving this build already.

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    Great build so far, mate. That sound is perfect.

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    figured it out finally lol

    Quote Originally Posted by Robitussin View Post
    That rev just made my night. Loving this build already.
    Thanks man, I love it too

    Quote Originally Posted by HuH View Post
    Great build so far, mate. That sound is perfect.
    Thanks bud

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    So regarding the fuel system of the has a metal feed line and plastic return line stock. I replaced all the rubber fuel hose with brand new hose before I swapped the motor in. I also bent a few e30 hardlines to use as a metal return line for the car. Seeing as all the lines would be fresh and clean, there's no sense in mucking them up with all the rust that was in the tank. So instead of buying a new tank, I just used POR-15 tank sealer like I did in my e30, and I'm very happy with the outcome. The inside of the tank is rust free & sealed, and I de-rusted/por-15'd the outside of the tank as well. Along with the mounting surface in the trunk for the tank. Here's a few pics of that

    I also installed a new walbro 255 fuel pump, so technically the car has a "brand new" fuel system. :

    Next I grabbed what gauges I had left from the e30 & ordered a few more from summit to begin to build a cluster

    I made a template in wood before I cut the aluminum version.

    Where do I plan on getting the aluminum to make the gauge cluster & a radiator shroud you may ask?

    From this stop sign!

    She's slowly coming together. I took it for a quick spin around the block & man is it quick

    I also installed my new shift knob, really liking the way that it feels in my hand when I grab it to go into the next gear;D

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    breh whattup. sick car
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    Quote Originally Posted by moist taco View Post
    breh whattup. sick car

    yoooo!! Cant believe you found this hahaha

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    Quote Originally Posted by Absorbantnut View Post
    yoooo!! Cant believe you found this hahaha
    i was disappointed for so long because i thought you didnt have a thread here..upset i didnt get an invite to it earlier.. I'm coming down south to visit soon, i better see this cah while i'm there.
    95 ucf20. static, flatbelly, 18x11 18x12.5 lots of camber.

    be my internet friend on the gram @thisisdalton

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    Quote Originally Posted by moist taco View Post
    i was disappointed for so long because i thought you didnt have a thread here..upset i didnt get an invite to it earlier.. I'm coming down south to visit soon, i better see this cah while i'm there.
    Yeah, I've been meaning to start a build thread, I just never got around to it. But here I am! You coming down for spring break the first week of march?

    Picked up this cool maglite/coolant overflow tank to use

    I also finished the gauge cluster and ran the wiring for the lighting last night

    Here it is mounted in the car, not sure why the coolant gauge looks like it's touching the tach, but it isn't.

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    Yesss. You better have this done when i come down for spring break!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AwoolE36 View Post
    Yesss. You better have this done when i come down for spring break!!
    Ugh the pressure is on

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    Im in love

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    Quote Originally Posted by 244Brick View Post
    Im in love
    Thanks bud

    Quote Originally Posted by efficient View Post
    sick build
    Thank you!

    So, a few small updates. I just finished the last of my midterms and spring break is starting. Hopefully I'll make some decent progress now

    To start, I finally ordered some seat brackets for the Cobras. I went with Kirkey universal ones. Looks like I'll need to extend them about 1"

    My next project involved me destroying something that worked to try to make it better. The aluminum radiator I got was for a late model e30. However, after trying to run the metal coolant hose I realized that I did not have enough room to fit it between the radiator/waterpump. Faced with this problem, I figured I could just run a long aluminum pipe across the top of the motor instead of in front of it like a late model. But then I'd have a 3' coolant hose :???: So instead...... I decided to chop it up and convert it to an early model radiator. This consequently reduced the length of my coolant hoses quite a bit.

    Here's pics of chopping the existing inlet/outlets off the radiator

    Next I cut new holes into the end tanks of the radiator to relocate the inlet/outlet. After that I test fitted the pieces of tubing I was going to use

    Then last night after dropping it off at Wot-Tech to get welded, I was able to pick it up. I'm happy with how it came out!


    Next I test fitted the radiator hoses. Everything fits much better than before and I have a lot more room! I'll end up using some scrap pieces of tubing so I can shorten the hoses a couple inches in the middle. Other than that, the coolant system is done.

    For this one I'll need to get a little creative, but it's so much better than before.

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    ' have the fan wired by a SPST switch for now, and then I'll wire it to a temp switch after I see the rang of temps the motor experiences.

    So I tackled the rest of the cooling system today. I ran the hoses to the radiator

    Then I tried a different hose I liked better for the upper hose

    The with the coolant hoses officially made I decided it was time to mount the electric fan. I'll be making the fan shroud later for it

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    This is so radical. Seriously awesome work man. Can't wait to see it rippin burnouts soon.

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    u suck @ build threads fgt

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    e30 build thread

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    How the fuck have I missed this? Damn. Loved the e30 so much and this is even better. You're rad. Be my friend?
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    I managed to get the radiator installed, coolant system bled, fan wired up, and a few other misc things allowing me to take it for a legit test drive! Here's a pic of me making it to a 7-11 near by.

    The ride there was super hectic. There was lots of tire squealing, flames, and screams, and cries of joy. But let's not mess around, we know that pictures cant substitute an actual video of the ride!


    So besides tackling that animal, I also began wrapping up the transmission tunnel. This weekend a good friend of mine came into town and brought some sheet metal so we could begin to fab up a tunnel.

    I had a "little" hole I had to patch up :

    So we started off by measuring the length of the tunnel, and width at the beginning and end. After trimming the sheet up a bit we were left with this

    Next the end was folded and boxed in to close the tunnel

    And here's a pic of it mocked up on top of the tunnel

    To top it off, my e30 diff --> 2002 trailing arm chromoly axles came in today!
    I'll have to post pics of those later

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    I sealed the RS's & drilled holes for valvestems/installed them

    Then an attempt to mount the tire was made

    Then it was test fitted on the car. Looks like with a few degrees of camber in the front they'll fit great :p

    But sadly, I can't run that tire. When the tire shop tried to mount it, they ripped the bead without realizing. So when they filled it with air, it popped the sidewall. This is because I have a very small drop center with the wheel. The pic below helps explain how the drop center was moved further inwards compared to where a 3" lip places it. Because I used a barrel as a lip, it pushed the drop center very far inwards. I'm not giving up on these, mounting tires will just be........interesting :wink:

    Then I picked up a pair of Simpson harnesses from a friend. They match the seats nicely

    The seat brackets I used were Kirkeys, that I had lengthened by Wottech. Thanks again John :

    Then I didnt really take any pics of how I mounted it to the stock seat sliders or how they look installed in the car :doh: I will next time I upload some pics

    The slap window is progressing nicely.........

    Some random pics of it I have on my phone

    Then yesterday I drove it to school. Still no hood/trans tunnel lol. It was a good simulation of what I'll experience driving. 20 miles each way, and some standstill traffic. The car runs a little too hot for my liking, I am planning on adding a second fan in front of the intercooler seeing as how the car only starts to overheat when it is stopped. Too bad I can't fit a bigger fan behind the radiator :

    Then I got some lunch with a friend

    Earlier today I brought the car to John to see if we could make a harness bar. I walked away wanting a half cage 1: I mean, I have to reinforce the rear shock towers anyways........

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    Had a banner made for the car. I've since then cleaned up the garage lol

    I've been driving the 02 around lately, testing it out and seeing what needs work. My main issue by far has been keeping the coolant temps down

    I hung out with a few friends at Ikea

    And I struggled getting these to fit......until I got a fender roller and pulled the fenders :p

    Then I swapped the large stock wheel out for a smaller one

    I took off the bumperettes and the rear reflectors. That cleaned the rear end up a lot

    But here's what everyone wants to see :eeek:

    Then, the inner adult in me came out, and I ordered a programable fuel gauge. This way I'd know when I'm running out of gas, instead of carrying around a jerry can

    My friend Niko, with the black e36 on super advans above, gave me his old pair of ksports. Coincidentally they take the same size bolt for the eyelet on the bottom, and would work perfectly to make a true rear coilover setup. I have my parts list created to make a set of front coils, hopefully I can throw together a set within the month

    Then a couple days ago I made a fan shroud for the radiator. It worked great, sadly I can'y space the fan very far off of the radiator due to size constraints in the engine bay

    I'm literally splitting hairs with the current setup. Thank god for solid mounts 1:

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    So I've been keeping busy over the past couple weeks. I pulled a set of Volvo calipers at the junkyard to use on the front struts. This allows you to upgrade from a solid rotor to a vented rotor.

    IMG-20150404-WA0003 by jasonbelina, on Flickr

    Next my friend found me his old set of vw mk4 calipers. These will be used in the rear to convert from drums to disks!

    IMG-20150404-WA0006 by jasonbelina, on Flickr

    IMG-20150405-WA0028 by jasonbelina, on Flickr

    IMG-20150405-WA0029 by jasonbelina, on Flickr

    Next I ordered a brake biasing valve

    CAM01617 by jasonbelina, on Flickr

    CAM01618 by jasonbelina, on Flickr

    Next I began the process of finding/making coilovers for the car. Most of the options on the market will cost you well over $1000. I managed to do the following for quite less.

    To start, the rears were converted to a true coilover. The stock springs needed to be removed after setting the car up on jack stands.

    CAM01611 by jasonbelina, on Flickr

    Here's a pic comparing the stock 2002 rear shock mount to the new ones I'll be using.

    CAM01605 by jasonbelina, on Flickr

    CAM01609 by jasonbelina, on Flickr

    After a quick test fit I saw that I will be reducing my droop considerably with these. They're shock height adj, spring height adj, and dampening adj. Not bad :dontknow:

    CAM01607 by jasonbelina, on Flickr

    CAM01608 by jasonbelina, on Flickr

    CAM01610 by jasonbelina, on Flickr

    This is full droop with the shock adjusted all the way down. Looks like I found a good match

    CAM01613 by jasonbelina, on Flickr

    So after wrapping up the rear coils I moved onto the front. Springs and perches
    IMG-20150410-WA0009 by jasonbelina, on Flickr

    I decided to use a coilover sleeve/perch for an e30 with a 2.5" spring. Struts were switched out from stock to a vw mk1 rabbit strut & the housings were shortened.

    CAM01620 by jasonbelina, on Flickr

    CAM01621 by jasonbelina, on Flickr

    Next I had to shave the brake line brackets off

    IMG-20150418-WA0012 by jasonbelina, on Flickr

    IMG-20150418-WA0014 by jasonbelina, on Flickr

    To align the two tubes, an easy thing to do is use a section of a stock e30 strut housing. Nobody seems to have mentioned/done this before, but the ID of the e30 strut tube is the OD of the 02 strut tube. And coincidentially the coilover perches that everyone says to use(on 2002faq) fit e30s. So the OD of our e30 strut tube works with the sleeves and such.

    IMG-20150418-WA0016 by jasonbelina, on Flickr

    IMG-20150418-WA0015 by jasonbelina, on Flickr

    IMG-20150418-WA0013 by jasonbelina, on Flickr

    So here's the finished product. One thing that I didn't mention is that when you section the 02 housings you'll also add a spacer underneath the shock. This is so the gland nut can properly tighten the shock down down.

    CAM01626 by jasonbelina, on Flickr

    Here they are with the volvo BBK on

    CAM01638 by jasonbelina, on Flickr

    CAM01637 by jasonbelina, on Flickr

    So now I was able to begin to install the front coilovers. First comes the removal of the stock strut assembly. But while I was in there, I replaced the ball joints & did the whole Condor Speed Shop front end bushing kit. I previously saw that someone installed poly swaybar links and that the tie tods were in great shape.

    CAM01644 by jasonbelina, on Flickr

    Here's a pic comparing stock to not

    CAM01646 by jasonbelina, on Flickr

    New ball joints were installed and then greased for easy removal in the future

    CAM01643 by jasonbelina, on Flickr

    CAM01647 by jasonbelina, on Flickr

    Brought the control arms to the shop to press out the old bushings in preparation for the Condor ones!

    CAM01648 by jasonbelina, on Flickr

    Next I saw that I needed spring hats but forgot to order a pair. So to reduce my cost more, I just worked with what I had. I drilled out the spot welds on the stock top hat to get rid of that inner dome.

    CAM01649 by jasonbelina, on Flickr

    CAM01650 by jasonbelina, on Flickr

    CAM01651 by jasonbelina, on Flickr

    Next I cleaned and greased the top hat bearings. With everything assembled after that I began the install

    CAM01645 by jasonbelina, on Flickr

    CAM01656 by jasonbelina, on Flickr

    This is the front droop

    CAM01652 by jasonbelina, on Flickr

    With all the Condor bushings installed, the wheel bearings torqued, and the coils installed, it was time to put the car back on the ground!

    IMG-20150425-WA0001 by jasonbelina, on Flickr

    IMG-20150425-WA0000 by jasonbelina, on Flickr

    Okay, now I officially mananed to catch you guys up lol! Sorry about that

    Quote Originally Posted by Pseudonyms View Post
    This is so radical. Seriously awesome work man. Can't wait to see it rippin burnouts soon.
    Thanks Miller!

    Quote Originally Posted by eethirty View Post
    u suck @ build threads fgt
    I know I'm more active on r3v tho

    Quote Originally Posted by aLaFleur View Post
    How the fuck have I missed this? Damn. Loved the e30 so much and this is even better. You're rad. Be my friend?
    Thanks mang!

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