What a busy year!
I moved into a new place, so I barely had time to work on the Legacy, yet to post updates or even look in here.
...but I got some things done!

Plastic welded the cut.
Melted some aluminium mesh into the plastic to stabilize the crack, then filled it up with melted plastic from the broken rear bumper.

ofc...there is only one direction and it's already lowered more since those photos.

Thanks, I try to keep a balance so that they don't become too much.

I saw that...and that really made me want to finally fix the rear, haha!

It does hold up to 240Km/h, so they are pretty strong.
But honestly, 99% of the time I keep the stickered plate in the trunk as nobody cared about the missing sticker on my smaller plate yet.

As I mentioned above, I was quite busy with other stuff, but got some things done.
First of, boring maintenance stuff.
The knock sensor was faulty, causing the engine to throw a CEL, taking the ignition timing back a lot, so I threw in a new, geniune sensor from Subaru.
...replacing that is....not fun. On a N/A or single turbo Subaru they are pretty easy to reach, but on the twin turbos there is quite some stuff. That golden bolt you see there is the one which holds the sensor in place.
Already did that work on my daily some time before, so I luckily found a good and fast way to replace it... only took me 2h. Yay.

The exhaust did still leak, though I fixed the downpipe and downpipe to first turbo turbo gasket. It even got worse.
Suspected it would be the uppipe gasket to the first turbo, so had to remove the downpipe again, though everything isn't old one of the studs got fucked and I couldn't even remove it in the car...
Had to remove the turbo completely, put in some new studs, put everything back in...and it was still leaking. Even worse than before.
So I removed the uppipe and checked that. Turned out that the uppipe has a flexpipe in it, which completely ripped off.
Fixed that, threw some new gaskets on. Done!

We're slowly getting to the fun bits!
Next up was the shifter...it didn't feel too bad, but on my daily it was quite toasted.
So I got a kit with all the good, new and improved bits, threw them in my summer Legacy and used the old parts to fix the shifter on my daily... quite a winwin, if you ask me!
Sometimes it's good to drive the same car as a daily, so it can use up all the still good bits you take off when you modify things.
It's not much space, but kinda easy to reach all the components you have to swap. On a hoist it is quite a fast job.

...and here comes the fun part. Brakes!
The original brakes were quite meh, though it's a vented 298mm disc with a floating two pot caliper for 1,4t. In my MKIII GTI the 299mm vented disc and floating 1 pot caliper was pretty spot on, especially after changing the discs and pads. It worked really well on the Ring, so getting a lot of brake fading after three or four corners in the Legacy wasn't acceptable.
I only had the pads changed for some ATE ones as they were used up at some point, but the discs were still the ones that the wagon came with, so that might have been the issue already...but that brake also looked quite lost with the open Enkeis.
To fix both issues, I got myself some Subaru WRX 4pots and a big brake kit from Godspeed Brakes in England.
The calipers needed an overhaul but they had to be taken apart to fit the spacers for the thicker disc and pads anyway.
Sandblasted them, fitted everything and then painted them with two component caliper paint. You geet those paint sets for cheap and when you add some thinner, you can just spray them with a spray gun too.
Put everything together and damn it looks spot on now!
The larger two piece disc really fits well into the open wheels.
The red stuff pads I chose get a bit hot in combination to the disc though, so this year I'll fit some brake cooling.

Now to the biggest update last year.
I still didn't fix the damage from the accident, so far I only had thrown a new bumper on that I fixed some holes in and that was it.
Which was quite lucky as sometime after, a guy backed up into my bumper.
I first did some minor adjusting to fix the bad fitment on the right side of the bumper.

...at the new place I moved into, my parking space is right in the sun.
I did a pretty okay looking paintjob on the frontbumper already, but it was only a quick two layer, one component rattlecan paintjob.
The sun ate right through the paint.
I took the bumper off to repaint it and while I was at it, I also fixed the rear bumper.
The fixes I did there looked good, except for the big hole of the lone parking sensor that I closed up.
While it was sitting in the cold in winter, that broke open again, so I did some more plastic welding. Since I had the bumper off I put some plastic on the rear now as well, making the hole fix even more stable.
After that it was only some more sanding, bondo, sanding, filler, sanding, paint and done. This time of course with two layer two component paint.
It came out really well, even more for a respray in the shop.

With the bumpers off, I finally fixed the biggest damage on the body.
Replaced the metal between the rails. A while ago I drilled these out on a parts car before I did send it off to the wreckers.
Removed all the bad metal, straigthened the remaining pieces out a bit and put the donor pieces back in. Was pretty straight forwad.

...now long story short: I'm very happy with how it came out!
I also fiddled some with the suspension to lower it more. It's not finished yet, but going into the right direction.
Same about the accident fix.
The trunk door still needs to be replaced, a new one is already sitting at my shop, but I didn't get the window cut out before the temperatures dropped too low for painting, but that will just happen this year.