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    I was wondering what some of you stance guys do about taking care of the inside of your fenders after removing the liners? I have done some searching on here and nasioc and did not find much. Most people seem to be secretive about "specs" and "fender work", when I just want to not totally ruin my car.

    I have a 14 STI lowered on coilovers, with an 18X10 wheel, 245,40 tire, and a 20mm spacer in the front. Its pretty aggressive in the front, so I removed the entire front half of the fender liners, for the front of the car. Rear is fine. My concerns are ruining the wiring to my headlights, foglights, horns etc. and now that the liner is removed, my washer fluid tank is exposed. Not really sure what people do about this, ill take any kind of input on this topic!

    I can take pictures of what it looks like if you guys want a visual representation.

    Im not sure if this is the correct thread to post this in, seemed like a good spot though.


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    i tore the shit out of my liners. i bought some cheap ones and put them in but bolted them hight then their original spots if that makes sense? a heat gun to help mold everything helps. another option which a buddy of mine did is cut a portion of the liner itself and just cover the exposed area you're worried about damaging

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    I would take the coilovers out, put the wheel on, and jack up the LCA until you figure out what the wheel would hit first, modifying whatever it hits in order to gain clearance. I "bottomed out" the travel on my front suspension and turned the wheel in both directions then spun the wheel by hand to make sure nothing hit. I took the fender liners out of the front of my car and zip tied the wiring using holes in the engine bay from the factory. I'm sure that some home improvement store will have wrap for outdoor wiring protection.

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