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Thread: Ideas on twin turbo'ing an M20

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    Default Ideas on twin turbo'ing an M20

    So, I currently daily drive a 1992 Dodge Stealth Twin Turbo and recently picked up an '88 325iS which I plan on building this winter while I continue to drive the Stealth.

    As soon as the weather breaks, I will start driving the E30 and tear into my Stealth to do a big single turbo build. I will then obviously not have any use for the microscopic TD04 9b turbos on it. I won't want to sell them, they're turbos; I can bolt them onto something else!

    I think you can see where I'm going with this. I'd like something different.


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    if its a m20b25 it takes turbos very well thanks to the 8.15:1 comp ratio and the split headers with some minor modification for the cooling, intake manifold, fuel supply etc... although of all the bi turbos setups i have seen then tend to go with a staggering option were they have a smaller turbo feeding a much larger one (taking a trick out the cat diesel book which have been doing that since the 80's on the straight six diesel engines). But two equal turbos would work well too just gotta find the room cause real estate goes fast in that engine bay.

    Side note: if you plan on high boost with these guys (not sure what your aiming for) anything above 10 psi would be smart to get some head bolts sometimes the head lifts up, being that the m20 does not handle high rpms for sustained amounts of time very well.

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    I saw the title of the thread and I immediately thought td04 for a twin setup lol. Yeah with the m20s, even under 10 psi it would be good measure to do head studs. An mls head gasket wouldn't be a bad idea too.

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    Space would def be my first thought, that's a bunch of plumbing to run. I say do it, and if you get stuck message me, I'm not too far from you
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