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Thread: My Vw Parati 84' (Vw Fox Station)

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    Default My Vw Parati 84' (Vw Fox Station)

    Introducing my Parati to the forum. This year it is 84 has 54.000 miles (87 000 kilometers) originals. The wheels are original Mercedes E230 (Ronal) without the use of adapters. The original drilling of the cubes is 4x100.This setup was assembled by my friend Arthur Becker. And I got the car like in the pictures. I intend in the future to do a swap to vr6. And ride quality sound. Hope you enjoy [some moderator could move my thread to 'builds' ?? Thank you]

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    I want one of these so bad. 2-door wagon. Just perfect. I'm not really feeling the wheels though

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    Looking pretty cool espacially on that MB rims
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