If you’re familiar with Fluid MotorUnion, then you know we love working on all cars, but exotics have a special place in our heart.


Whether we’re doing a basic service or if we’re installing one of our bespoke hand built exhaust, exotic work is always worth the extra time and care we put into the cars work. And, in the case of this 2006 Lamborghini Gallardo, figuring out what’s causing problems with its E-Gear transmission was a rewarding as it gets.

Our good friends at Gotham Dream Cars came with issues such as the car having trouble downshifting; having to pull the downshift paddle much harder than the upshift paddle to get a response, and the car would die out once it got hot. The customer had just replaced the clutch out of state and wanted to make sure the clutch had been adapted properly. After bleeding the clutch and e-gear transmission hydraulic system, the issue remained. So, after much thought and with some help from our LARA Diagnostic system, all signs seemed to point right to the gear position potentiometer.

DSC_4406 - Copy
DSC_4407 - Copy

Once we had an idea of where the problem was, we began to take off the rear bumper and got to work. With the bumper and heat shields removed and the sensors exposed, it was obvious that they needed to be replaced. We replaced the old sensors with part number 086907811. With the sensors replaced, we tested the car and, sure enough, the issue was resolved. The car was downshifting correctly, the downshift paddle was reacting the same as the upshift paddle, and the car was not stalling out when it got hot- a hot success!


If you have any questions about an issue with your Lamborghini Gallardo or any other transmission issues for that matter, call 815-230-2900 or email blog@fluidmotorunion.com.Thanks for reading and don’t forget to check back soon to see what else is going on around the shop!