There are no Breathe-Right strips for cars when they aren't getting enough air. So we rolled our sleeves up and came up with something much better for a Jaguar XF Supercharged that needed to breathe a little easier.


It's not everyday we get a Jaguar through our doors for some custom work, so we were stoked to see this Jaguar XF come knocking. The owner inquired about replacing his stock air intake with something that flowed a little better. Airflow is important with forced-induction vehicles; the smoother and more plentiful the air, the better the engine will end up working. After looking at the design of the stock intake, we knew there was plenty we could do to reduce any sort of rough edges that would constrict the airflow. And so we set out to build a custom intake for this Jaguar.


Since the MAF sensors weren't on the piping we'd be replacing, the job was relatively straightforward. We removed the stock plastic tubing and went with some smooth aluminum piping as a replacement. To make sure that the piping was as straightforward and smooth as possible, we kept the welds to a minimum; when it comes to intakes, you want to minimize the number of bends and bumps. And, to match the interior, we ended up painting it black. You don't want it standing out like a sore thumb, after all.



We noticed a benefit immediately. Everything felt a little sharper, including the sound. In the end, the owner loved it, and so did we. Now this Jaguar has a little piece of custom metalcraft that should give the car more than enough air. With everybody's spring allergies kicking in, we're glad there's something breathing right out there.


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