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Thread: OZ, MSW, ABT, Carlsson, etc 10 point bolt tools review/information.

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    Default OZ, MSW, ABT, Carlsson, etc 10 point bolt tools review/information.

    Roughly 2 months ago I picked up a set of OZ Vegas.
    Like most 3 piece OZ wheels, they are held together with 10 point fasteners.
    The bolt head is 8mm and the nut is 10mm.

    I needed the two 10 point sockets to disassemble them, so I bought a set of Laser brand sockets. 1/2" drive, deep socket. They are the same ones you can find on Amazon, eBay and other sites.
    They look like this:

    The 8mm socket fit fine, but the 10mm one was undersized. I had to hammer it on the nut.
    This is what the nut looked like after:

    I stopped at that point and looked for a single 10mm replacement socket.

    Found out that Snap-On tools now carries both 8mm and 10mm 10 point sockets,
    Part numbers DPTM8 and DPTM10. $15.40 each.

    You can order these through a Snap On dealer, or online. Shipping was free, took about 5 days to arrive.

    High quality sockets, from a reputable company, and they carry a lifetime warranty.
    The 10mm socket is a very good fit. Snap-On on the left

    The 8mm is slightly loose, but not enough to round off or slip. I measured and the OZ bolt heads are not quite 8mm.

    Finished wheels:

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    Good info there.

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    Good to know!

    Just bought a 10mm socket from snap on. I already has the "ebay" ones coming in 8 ad 10mm.

    rebuilding my oz futures soon!!!

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