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    Default need new music


    I'm kinda looking for new music.
    There's not really a lot of music that I really really like anymore.
    All the stuff that's on tv is way to commercial and I would like you guys to post
    up some bands from america or anywere that are good but not that well known.
    Preferebly rock pop, but hip hop (like cool kids) is also great.

    Thanks in advance ^^

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    Hilltop Hoods?

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    I'm diggin on Madlib right now.

    Absynth Quintet I like right now, but it's pretty back woods music
    I love Vampire Weekend
    MGMT is getting real big, but I didn't hear good things about their new album is good

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    Notorious B.I.G. vs. The XX. Just got the album, it's sick.

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    I am lovin KiD CuDi right now, his mixtapes are so good.

    Also this song.
    - Kielan (Key-lin)

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    Check out Groove Armada's "Black Light"
    Great album.

    I don't listen to much rock, I guess, but "Consolers of the Lonely" by The Raconteurs is still my #1 go to for rock.

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    Quote Originally Posted by prodigee View Post
    I am lovin KiD CuDi right now, his mixtapes are so good.

    Also this song.
    +1 Man on the Moon is a great album

    I made this list for my friend the other day, might as well post it up here too! lol

    format is artist: album

    anberlin: all 4 albums lol
    sublime: sublime
    oasis: definitely maybe
    oasis: morning glory
    led zeppelin: led zeppelin I
    led zeppelin: led zeppelin II
    led zeppelin: led zeppelin III
    led zeppelin: led zeppelin IV
    rolling stones: exile on main st.
    phoenix: Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix
    snoop dog: doggy style
    dr. dre: the cronic
    dr. dre: (the cronic) 2001
    red hot chilli pepers: blood sugar sex magik
    red hot chili peppers: californication
    reh hot chili peppers: by the way
    red hot chili peppers: stadium arcadium
    nirvana: nevermind
    MGMT: oracular spectacular
    vampire weekend: vampire weekend
    kid cudi: Man On The Moon: The End Of Day
    the beatles: abbey road
    creedence clearwater revival: chronical vol. 1
    blink-182: cheshire cat
    coldplay: a rush of blood to the head
    daft punk: alive 2007
    dave punk: homework
    dave matthews band: crash
    death cab for cutie: plans
    jack johnson: in between dreams
    jay-z: the black album
    jurassic 5: feedback
    kanye west: college dropout
    the killers: hot fuss <--- HIGHLY RECOMMEND
    LCD soundsystem: lcd soundsystem
    linkin park: hybrid theory
    linkin park: meteora
    the strokes: is this it?
    the strokes: room on fire
    the strokes: first impressions of earth
    van halen: van halen I
    weezer: weezer (green album)
    weezer: weezer (blue album)
    west james: lonely street (this is my cousins band, you probably can't find this lol
    50 cent: get rich or die trying
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    Kaleidoscope, Teisto's new album. It's pretty awesome


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    yeah it's got turbo and it looks decent stanced, but it's a fucking Neon, the survived-abortion of the 90's auto industry.

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    Miike Snow is pretty cool.
    I also recommend Kid Cudi, his stuff is sick.
    Broken Bells is pretty good.
    Black Moth Super Rainbow is a little more trippy and weird, not sure if i would call it rock pop, but they're worth a listen.
    and Lotus is pretty cool, most of their stuff is instrumental.
    I have some other stuff too, but i won't post it unless you like what you heard already.
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    Cunninlynguists, A Tribe Called Quest, Gang Starr, also all great hip hop.
    - Kielan (Key-lin)

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    It's pretty funny to see a lot of names that I already know ^^

    I'll post some euro music names, you guys might be interested in

    Tim Knol (dutch)
    The Mad Trist (dutch)
    The Black Box Revelation (belgium)
    Tim Christensen (denmark)
    Johan (dutch)
    Kyteman (dutch)
    C-Mon & Kypski (dutch, they are coming to the USA so if you find a place where they perform I highly recommend you go there)
    Trigger Finger (belgium)

    That's all I'm remember right now ^^

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    just got the new Minus the Bear album. so far so good, listening to it as i type this


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    idk if u guys are into dubstep, but check out Caspa, Rusko, and the Excision Shambhala mixes

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    for a fellow dutch brother (50% dutch myself).............have you ever heard of current swell? they are a band from canada (i think?) that you can actually listen from front to back on the "so i say" album. actually worth buying :thumbsup:

    kinda pop folk new school blues hipster slacker shit

    here's a list of some songs/albums to try:

    the b foundation "the deep end" (album)
    the beautiful girls "weight of the world" (track)
    big jess "don't it feel good" (track - hip-hop)
    brother ali "truth is" (track - hip-hop)
    chk chk chk "yadnus" (track)
    cut chemist "what's the altitude" (track - hip-hop)
    dirty heads "neighborhood" (track - hip-hop)
    dub pistols feat. terry hall "peaches" (track - hip-hop)
    jj grey & mofro these guys have a lot of shit that's good on multiple albums
    the knux "cappuccino" remix & regular version (track - hip-hop)
    pepper "kona town" (album)
    slightly stoopid "everything you need" (album)
    starving millionaires "fistful" & "double brown" need to be played back to back (2 tracks)
    the supervillians "massive" (album)
    unknown prophets "now you now v2008" (album)
    00agents "warning shot" (track - hip-hop)
    qwel & maker "back stage pass", "paper dolls", & "white elephant" (track - hip-hop FROM CHI-TOWN)

    and i could go on and on so there's a start. i listen to rock, classic rock, rap, hip-hop, blues, reggae, electronic, and etc..........let me know if you like some of this garbage i got
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