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Thread: Im new, so heres my E30!

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    Default Im new, so heres my E30!

    Hello everyone! I'll post this here too because it got no interest at all in the new users section...

    I'm new here so I'll start with my car...

    I have a 1990 BMW 316i LUX in Brilliant Red. Externally she's in great shape, just a couple of dents and stone chips as well as minor rust bubbling etc but she's 24 years old so pretty good considering the age with only 2 real patches of rust to concern me and even then, they're not going to wreck the car if I don't do them immediately.

    The plan was to fix up a couple of problems (clutch, power steering & central locking to name but a few) then get her in a body shop and put her back to standard....

    However after going to a number of shows recently and sort of understanding the scarcity of them over here, plus seeing a few really nicely done cars I've realized the the possibility of what could be done and decided to go down the stanced route.

    Unfortunately I'm a complete novice to stancing cars. I had a Corsa (Shame on me, I know) which I lowered quite a lot but never played with the stance, so I'd really appreciate help!

    So, if you know your E30's please throw some good coilover suspension set ups my way. I'm also looking for a decent set of wheels with moderate amount of stretch, so if anyone has suggestions as to wheels, sizes, tire sizes to achieve a nice bit of stretch etc again please let me know! Originally I was thinking of trying a set of Jap style Rotas just to do something different, but unfortunately there's another E30 in the same colour as mine, also running on a set of Rotas so I'd feel a cheat if I did that. I'm also thinking of trying a set of banded steel wheels as a budget option just until I can afford something a little classier!

    Thanks everyone! Please let me know what you think and I'll get some photos up this weekend hopefully!

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    P.S. I'll get some pics uploaded this weekend. Not much to look at I'm afraid, just a bog standard E30. She's even got the original tape deck...

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    Welcome to S/W the list is endless on what set ups to go for tuck,poke,camber.... best bet is check out e30 build threads on here or the bmw appreciation threads on what set up your after the E30 Zone site is also a good site to check out for advice & parts��

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