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Thread: Pedro'Z and the miata nb1

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    Default Pedro'Z and the miata nb1

    Hello everyone,
    Been here for a while, but never managed to buy a second car to play with. Recently found a clean Mazda miata mx-5 nb1 1999, took a quick drive and I was sold. Brought it back home and snap a few shoots. By the way, my name is Pierre-Alexandre and i'm from Canada. Anyway, enough said, time for some pictures!

    Girlfriend driving the miata!

    You can also find me on Instagram : @pedroz27
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    Looks clean!! Whats your plans with it??

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    Plans for the car are pretty simple! Clean it, track it and lower it! By the way sorry for the delay!

    Here's a few updates!
    Received my first box a few weeks ago!

    I love that perfect tan interior!

    Had a broken center console on the car, decided to fix that with a $1,79 budget!

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    This is so clean , i expect great things out of this!

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    Great News! Finally finish my summer semester at university! Which means that I can now start working a bit more on the car! First thing I did is keep on going with the general maintenance. Bought some RedLine products for the tranny and the radiator, also bought some new NGK spark plugs and some Hank HP+ Brake pads with some brembo disk!

     photo IMG_0348P.jpg
     photo IMG_0365P.jpg

    Last but not least for today, tried to polish my front lights... and the end result isn't so promising. Anyway, here's a picture.
     photo IMG_0222P.jpg

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    looks like fun!

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    Wooow very clean, subd, slam that thing!!!!

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    Few things happened over the last weeks! Found some decent blistein shocks for the miata! Still have to buy some bushings and some springs, but she will be lower soon! Also, did an impulse purchase for the car! Bought a rollbar!

    Also shot few pictures of the car before I strip all the interior to put the rollbar!

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    Finally finish assembling my interior back to the original form with the rollbar! Took few pictures to show you how everything fits together!

    And the before vs after picture from the rollbar. Not a perfect polish, but quite happy with the outcome considering that it was my first time!
    Before :

    After :

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    Plans for the car are pretty simple! Clean it, track it and lower it! By the way sorry for the delay!

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    i like that rollbar! ive got the similar harddog bar in my NA8C.
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    Not much happened since the last update... However I managed to score a cheap Alutec front strut bar and bought some goodies from REVLIMITER! Also tried to polish my valve cover!
    And I Should finaly drop the car a bit during next week!

    Here are some pictures for you guys

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    Send her two weeks ago for a long 6 months sleep!

    Pictures before the storage

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    good auto x cars man

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    Long and overdue news about the Miata :

    Good news : Car is coming out of storage in a bit more than one month!
    Bad news : I still have to wait a bit more than one month! F*** Yeah! hahaha

    Like most racing kids, I start collecting car parts during the long winter! However, I had a big problem! I couldn't afford all the expensive parts I was buying, and I didn't want to make a cheap build with fake parts...

    After searching for a way to have free parts (which didn't worked well), I have decided to start refurbing wheels one step at a time! So in december, I bought my first complete set of wheels for a decent price :

    AME Alloy Mesh, made by Enkei and produced only in Japan. Made a quick refurb and than sold them the next weekend!
    – They were three pieces welded;
    – 15×6;
    – Offset of 10;
    – And the Bolt Patern was 5×120.

    They were cool wheels, However they had the wrong bolt Pattern... So I sold them for a very reasonable price and made some good profit! During that time I stumbled around a cheap set of SSR GT3 Wheels! I didn't know anything about those wheels but I knew I had a chance of buying three pieces wheels! Guess what! I was Right! They were 3 pieces, 18x8.0, +49 offset and 5x114,3. Sold them the next day and made a bit more money!

    The week after, I found a guy who was selling some BBS RA for a very good price! Wrote him a quick e-mail and he answered me telling he was selling BBS RA and BBS RZ together! Bought the two sets, made a family picture and BAM, I had some new wheels for sale!

    At the same time I bought a set of BBS RM from a friend, thinking they were THE WHEELS for my Miata! Hahaha

    Sold the BBS RZ and RA and Ohhh Boy, I was wrong about the BBS RM! They were in bad shape, needed some love and some cleaning! Gave them all the love they needed and ended up with this result :

    The Result was good! The wheels looked good and they were almost free with all the wheels I had bought and sold! But you know, sometimes you have a heart beat and you buy some other wheels! hahahah! SO the BBS RM are for sale and the new wheels are coming next week! Hope the community gonna enjoy them!

    I will keep you updated!
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    Hi! It's been almost 6 months since the last time I drove this little Roadster! Feels good to have her back on the road!

    Here she is next to a twin, waiting to get out of the storage! (She is the one on the right with the roll bar!)

    It was such a good thing to sit in this little car again! Such a big difference compare to my daily driver (Hyundai accent)... And like most members onthis forum, I started buying some car parts during last winter!

    First thing I did when I came back home is installing a TechnoToy drift button from GarageStar and a Password JDM white knob. To be honest with you guys, I like how the drift button look in my interior. It feel like it's a good addition to my interior, however, I am not so sure about my Password JDM knob. I don't know if I like the look, the feel and the general aspect in my car... Personally, I would not recommend you this brand, service was lame, and the knob arrived a little bit damaged...

    Here is a comparaison Between the stock knob and The Password white knob

    That's it for today! Better updates are coming during the next days and weeks!

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    Yesterday was a good day!

    Got the car back from the garage (I had a broken front wheel beering)! I also installed a GarageStar NB Radiator Cooling Panel / Wiper Cowl Panel and some Sexy bolts all over the engine bay and on my rear licence plate! Quality is A+ and the installation is super easy! I highly recommend you theses products! Once theses parts were installed, I grabbed my camera and went for a quick photo session! Hope you guys enjoy the newest additions and the pictures!

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    Made two big purchased last week! Here is one of them :

    BTW, Sorry for the bad pictures. This Hardtop was in pretty rough shape! Paint was far from being good, hardtop was dirty as hell and the last owner Plasti dip the entire top. I NOW FUC**** **** PLASTI DIP. However after few hours, a lot of love and some magic products I brought it back to life.

    During :

    Final result, all clean and ready to go on the car!

    I also bought some GarageStar OEM Hardtop Brackets with some Security bolts

    Took the Softop off and clean the drains! Never realized how much important cleaning the drains was! I had one that was completely block! Clean your drains guys!

    Better pictures are coming for the top within the next few days! Cheers!

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    Loving the attention to detail and the well written journal. Have you decided what wheels you're going to put on this?

    E36 318iS Clubsport : Build thread coming soon

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    Well, it looks like a very good specimen to work with, it's so clean !

    These little cars are so fun to drive, every gear shift puts a smile on your face And can't wait to see the hardtop mounted!

    Btw from where are you from in Québec?

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    Love the details and direction of your build

    - Renato | |

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    Long and over due update!

    My Hardtop is OFFICIALLY ON and I am pretty happy with the outcome! I love the new look! The chassis also fills a bit more rigid with the GarageStar brackets when I am driving a bit harder! Had some time last Saturday, so clean/wax the car and took my camera out! Here are the results!

    You can see the GarageStar Brackets right here :

    However, the coolest new thing about my car is the RevLimiter NB Retro Window Switch!!! My regular switch broke last month. I had to replace it fast! By the way, Revlimiter products are fantastics and Adam is more than a great guy! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIM! Thanks again Adam! I will definitely be buying more products from you next winter!

    The broken switch :


    And last but not least, I changed my OEM air filter! Old vs New

    And Voilà for today! I have some other great updates that are coming in the following weeks! But for now I am going on vacation with the girlfriend! Cheers!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Louis_D View Post
    Well, it looks like a very good specimen to work with, it's so clean !

    These little cars are so fun to drive, every gear shift puts a smile on your face And can't wait to see the hardtop mounted!

    Btw from where are you from in Québec?
    You are more than right! Theses cars are amazing! I am from Québec City! Where are you from? Montreal?

    Quote Originally Posted by TWM Performance View Post
    Love the details and direction of your build

    - Renato
    Thanks man! I really appreciate it!

    Quote Originally Posted by Verdigrie View Post
    Loving the attention to detail and the well written journal. Have you decided what wheels you're going to put on this?
    Thanks! I am always doing my best for this journal! For the wheels, I had a completed set of 15" BBS RS043 redrill in 4x100 (you can see the picture bellow). However I sold it last month for something smaller! I will probably be putting some 14" wheels with some beefy tires! Not sure yet about the setup. Maybe some classic Enkei RPF1 or some SSR MK2/3...!

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    those switches are badass, looks great with the hard top on.
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