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Thread: RaceWorz Car Show and Drag Race @ Sacramento Raceway June 22nd!!

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    Default RaceWorz Car Show and Drag Race @ Sacramento Raceway June 22nd!!

    Raceworz is an interactive motoring experience. All types of cars, trucks, motorcycles or scooters are welcomed. From: Domestic, Euro, JDM, Hotrods, Musclecars, Street Bikes, Ruckus, Import or Domestic Trucks etc.

    June 22nd, 2014


    Here are a few ways you can participate:

    Attend: Basically you are a spectator enjoying the sites, sounds, food and vendors. Checking out the scene and having a good time.
    $10 entrance fee.

    Show: This is where you show off your pride and joy. Whatever that ride may be: Car, Truck, Bike, Scooter, Van, Bus, haha...You will be automatically entered into our show and eligible to win a trophy in one of our categories.
    $40 to participate.

    Show & Drag: We purposely are holding this event at a drag strip to give you the opportunity to do some fun runs down the 1/4 mile. How many car shows have you attended only to be sitting around for 5hrs doing nothing?? This event allows you a safe and legal way to have some fast fun and to really test out your build. You will also have a spot in the show car staging area to show off your ride too & be judged to win a trophy. You can do unlimited runs all day, just need to get in line again. Please bring your own DOT approved helmet! $60 to participate. Even if you just want to drag all day and not be in the show, the price remains the same,

    Pre-Registration is already OPEN!!!
    You can register your car @

    We hope to see some of you guys out there!!!
    This is an event that you DO NOT want to miss!!!!

    Event will be held at:
    Sacramento Raceway
    5305 Excelsior Rd,
    Sacramento, CA 95827

    If there are any questions about the event or group registration
    please email us at

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    Here is the latest flyer for the event!!! Only a month left until June 22nd, and pre-registration is still open!!

    Vehicle Registration & More info @

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    We are less than a week away!!! This Sunday is RACEWORZ at Sacramento Raceway!!

    Pre-registration is still open for a few more days at!!

    If you don’t register by the deadline online, you can register the DAY OF at the door, at 10:00am SHARP!!! Pre-registration roll in is between 9:00 and 9:45, so BE THERE EARLY if you have not registered!!

    Here is a link to the Facebook event page for Raceworz!! Please RSVP is you haven’t already!!

    Here is a list of the car show categories that will be awarded at the event!

    Also, the day before the show (this Saturday) there will be a pool party at the Marriott in Rancho Cordova by the track!!

    3:00pm -- 8:00 pm......

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