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    Hey guys My brother makes custom bicycles that are super fun to ride. They're alway a good time to cruise around on at car shows Not to mention having them on the roof rack of your car on your way to the show. They're really low so they hit the ground and throw sparks if your riding them at night. Easy to pedal and made really strong to last.

    He's made a lot of them and each one is different and creative. I love everyone of them!

    He has one for sale that he just made so I thought I'd put it up for you guys to enjoy

    This bike has a 4.5 wide rear wheel with a stretched tire on it, Single side swing arm rear end and 22 inch tall apes!

    The price for this bike is $650

    Once you've ridden this bike you'll want to take it everywhere with you!

    If you're interested in having a Bike custom made he'd be more then happy to do it!

    Please pm me of you're interested!


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    Very unique, I likes a lot !

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    Thanks! They're so fun to ride

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