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Thread: My Daily Commuter • Golf MKV GT

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    Default My Daily Commuter • Golf MKV GT

    Hello everyone. This thread is about my daily drive. It is a Golf MK5 in anthracite grey bought sometime ago and always in the family. I had it in the past for track use, however when I took over my Big Turbo Audi, some of you know in here, I let this one stay in the family, although I always liked it for me. Just bought a new A3 TDI some days ago, so this one, had to come back to my hands and become my daily commuter.

    Here are some photos taken of it. I think you will like what I will do with it.

    Started like this.

    A lot of dirt on the car and non care signs by my father

    So I gave it some TLC to change that.

    Started by debadging it for a clear rear end.

    Then a small detail..from this

    To this

    Removing unnecessary weight

    And after a detail session with the known procedures,car got some of its old dignity back.

    RS4 replicas, soon to be replaced

    Some scratches and swirls under the Golf and Gt logo.

    Nothing my sweet Kestrel can cope with - some DA love with 3M Extra Fine Compound


    Then it was time to do something I had also done in the past - de-wipering the rear end

    Now we are getting somewhere


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    Some more info about the car.

    It is running
    -ECU Software Upgrade for some time now, had made almost 230hp back in time
    -63mm Catback Exhaust
    -Audi S3 8p FMIC InterCooler
    It also had a Cold Air Intake in the past, however it is now on stock air box. We shall see if I will do it again.

    Exterior-wise the car has had some changes too
    -CARACTERE rear wing
    -Black emblems and mirrors
    -OEM GTI Side Skirts
    -OEM GTI rear valence
    -Parktronic system
    -Llumar Window Tint
    -FK Headlights with Xenon fitted in main and dipped beam

    Interior wise, pretty much stock with all the extras it came with, except for some details like carbon fiber knob, alcantara shift boot, HERTZ 3-way speaker set. In pretty good shape too, except for some defects from daily use while i didnt have it. All will be fixed though, you know me.

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    Then it was time to fit my glossy black OZ Ultraleggeras in 8x18 ET45 fitment. After all, these wheels were initially bought for this Golf

    Yeap, much better now

    Some photos with the photographer's MK6

    And a shot of its lovely interior


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    So I need to change some little things here and there, so lost no time, and started ordering things.

    Here are some of those

    New Grilles for the front, went OEM and opted the GTI MKV ones like in the past

    Ordered some new indicators, cause one of them is hurt

    And also ordered a new Light switch


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    Where and how do I get those seats?

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    I have recently removed them due to my running bucket seats
    Was thinking of selling them on ebay along with all my other listings
    However shipping is a difficult issue
    But if you want them we could do something i guess
    You interested in front or rear?

    I also have another fill interior of an Audi A4 sport-seats in OEM platinum leather

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    you should use a glass insert for your wiper, looks way better

    did you also reprogram your VAGCOM, so that water doens't accidentally comes out??

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    This looks like a good start

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    Been bored to buy one really, I like the look of this however.
    If i find one i might buy it.

    I havent programmed it, cause i never open it accidentally

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    Here is some more work I did on the car yesterday evening.

    I had ordered some things from the stealership, which arrived. They were mostly new door handles, electrical window switches and a tailgate trim. Let's see how it went.

    Heavily scratched door handle - not by me of course

    This could not stay like this as you can tell

    Started removing the door card

    Wont be staying in the car

    Fresh stuff

    Yeap, that's more like it

    And same goes for passenger side door handles and switch

    Before - possibly from some kind of deodorant :censored:


    And afterwards, all in place

    I also changed this piece, which was not cheap at all - but let the interior down a bit, so had to be done

    oem GTI / .:R32 Black piece

    And lastly, wheels needed to be smartened up a bit . . .

    So, from this

    I found my Carbon Fiber OZ caps, and also bought some OEM Vag Wheel Bolt caps, and finished it off like this

    Yes, much better, dont you think

    Cheers everyone.

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    i love the attention to detail with this, very clean man!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Belvader View Post
    i love the attention to detail with this, very clean man!
    Thank you very much• much more to come

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    Got one of these in black

    which is normally for carrying helmets, but can be used in the trunk of an everyday car, for transporting various things, like tools, umbrellas, i-pads, jackets, and it has anti-slip material so as to not move when driving.
    Very clean, totally suggest it. :thumb:

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    thats all..............come on more pics.......its awsome job there ...

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    So time for some more maintenance work today.

    First of all let me show you the SPARCO helmet box I was talking about.

    Very clean and tidy - love it.

    Now, an issue I noticed is that the left side of the speakers wasnt heard as well as the right one. So off went the door card again with no second thoughts to find out what was happening

    HERTZ unit revealed

    And also some searching behind the head-unit, reveilled a bad connection from the past

    All done,, re-installed, and ready for our next case to solve - Reverse light wouldn't go on, when reversing, and what is more, my park-tronic system was not working

    Changed the bulb, checked the park-tronic wiring for cuts, even changed it to be sure, bought a new OEM reverse-light switch, installed it - yet nothing. So it was time to go around the car to find out where the bad connection was . . .

    No bad connection here

    No bad fuse

    Nothing on the passenger side too

    And, what do you know, we have a winner

    OEM wiring gone bad through time. Made a new perfect connection and wrapped everything with my favorite Tesa fabric tape so as to be sure in the future.

    What do you know . . .

    It works.

    And then, some more orders

    1. Carbon Fiber mirrors

    2. More OEM goodies for my front end, from the stealership, like an OEM Gti front, to replace my GT one which has some defects that I dont like.

    Stay tuned - many updates to follow

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    Wait did you guys get a brown leather option over there for the interior from the factory? If so, so jealous.
    Quote Originally Posted by s t a y g o l d View Post
    and don't trash talk people, that's for hos at the club.
    S4 Avant - Build Thread

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    Yes sir. We did. Waited a long. But well worth it

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    I've never been a huge fan of MKV's but this is looking very promising! Love the brown leather!

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    Cheers, thanks a lot

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    So went to the stealership for some more shopping today, second time I am buying this thing - well worth the money for its oem quality though -nothing cheap here

    Here it is

    Along with the VW Badge

    Going artistic

    Carefully removed the GTI badge so as to modify it

    As well as the red stripe

    Removed the "I" easily with the heat gun, almost no glue residue left

    I then prepped the parts that were to be painted, the VW badge, the GT one, and the stripe

    Audi approved the whole procedure

    A hint of the colour I went with

    Time to remove this grille

    Cleaned the inner bumper part

    Stripe installed on the grille - looking good

    Badge modified too

    let's see how it came out

    Yummy, looks like a win to me


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    thr GT detail!!! great!!!

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    So, another issue I wanted to address is to clean my leather interior a bit.

    So I got armed with this new product from Andy @ Dazzle LTd

    The results from cleaning were a bit more than impressive

    Tomorrow I want to have another pass at them to further enhance their being soft and cared after, cause I want it to stay like new

    On another note, I found a way to protect my alcantara steering wheel of my Audi, while not using it -


    LoL - works perfectly

    -dont mind the floormat, it will be changed :p:p


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    Had a nice cleaning session with a good friend's smart little Smart today . . .some photos I took.

    Shiny at last

    So was the Smart


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    Some more updates for the daily it seems . . .

    Had a scratch here, so went from this . .

    To this

    I also got these

    So went from these . .

    To this

    Middle grille to follow- and some more


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    Love the detail thats going into this. and that interiors gorgeous.

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